You Might Be Addicted To Your Phone
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You Might Be Addicted To Your Phone


First, answer me this question: Do you panic when you notice that your phone isn’t in your hand?

I bet that half of you will say Yes, but the other half will say No and this second half of people are lying!

These days is almost impossible to live the day without your phone. First of all, how you will reach other people. Then, how you will pay your bill at the restaurant or the supermarket? Or, how you will forgive yourself that you hadn’t send that cute squirrel to your friend? There are so many activities that are part of our lives in so high level that we can’t even imagine what it is like to experience the day without having your smart phone around you. But let me show several specific reasons which will claim that your phone is your addiction. Take a look:

First, let me give you the scientific name of the thing – it is called nomophobia and it means that you have the fear of not having your phone on you.

  • Marshall Mcluhan was a Canadian philosopher of communication theory and a public intellectual. He lived and worked during the 20th century and there is a theory of his that moved me really deep, it was something like this: the smarter the technology becomes, the more stupid and illiterate people will develop. I fully agree with this theory. Don’t take it too literally. Because of the smart phones, which remembers everything instead us – phone numbers, codes, appointment, grammar (autocorrect option), birthdays of your family and friends, then your brain becomes untrained and it hardly remembers a 4-numbered code. You will feel uncomfortable if you know that you phone isn’t anywhere near you to use it for a quick spell check or some other type of information. This is one common sign of nomophobia.
  • You get annoyed if your phone can’t do the job you asked it to do, for instance, the weather app is not working or the news app is showing you old posts, these things will make your heartbeat increase and your ears feel hot. If this happens to you, then you have the nomophobia.
  • Another moment when you freak out for sure is when the battery of your phone is dying and there is neither charger, nor plug anywhere around you. But if you are a true phone addicts, then you have at least two power banks – one in your bag and one in your car, just in case. Well, my friend, you are a nomophobic person.
  • You have a habit of constantly checking your phone. If you can’t check it for longer than 20 minutes you will start to feel the urge to check it. The same way feel a person who is drug addict.
  • If your phone isn’t with you when you are out of the house you will start to worry about your friends and family and all kinds of world-ending scenarios will pop out in your mind.
  • You are anxious because you don’t know if someone is trying to reach you.
  • If you try to reach someone who don’t answer you the whole day, the first thing that will come in mind is that he is in trouble.

So, how many of these feeling appears in you when your phone isn’t in your hand or pocket?



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