Women Want Men to Do These Beauty Treatments!
Handsome man touching his hair

Women Want Men to Do These Beauty Treatments!

Men usually have quite high expectations for the woman they are going to date. She should have a good fashion sense, do her makeup well, fix her manicure and pedicure a few times a month, and not to mention the huge body hair control routine that she needs to follow on a weekly basis! Meanwhile, men hardly go through the same trouble to impress women. It is true that there is a social group of metrosexual men who take their vanity to some extremes that the majority of women do not really support. Also, the current lifestyle trend of being fit and eating clean has a massive number of male followers, so they take care of their appearance and health too. However, it is still quite common for men to neglect certain “beauty” treatments that their girlfriends, wives, or even mothers and sisters try to impose on them. Here are the male beauty treatments that most women want to see in action more often:

  • Men should take decent care of their feet and nails. Fortunately, nowadays it is not embarrassing for a man to get a manicure. However, if one is not a guy that would like to be seen at a beauty salon and feels his masculinity would be harmed, he can at least get his nails clipped and scrub his feet, so that they are not gross. Applying lotion can also be a good idea…or at least some hand cream before going to bed.
  • Protected skin is important not only for women, but also for men. Wearing a moisturizer or at least an SPF product during the sunnier months can prevent early aging and make a guy even more attractive.
  • Also, facial skincare for men is an important segment of the beauty industry. If a man has problems with his skin, he can solve them with the help of good cosmetics. For instance, exfoliating once in a while can be a great improvement! Furthermore, a nice face wash can prevent breakouts and make even shaving a more pleasant process.
  • Hair removal is a controversial issue in terms of male appearance. Whether guys’ legs, arms and chest should be smooth is a question with no right answer and everyone decides for themselves. However, long nose and ear hairs should be removed. It can be gross and unattractive. How can you focus on a conversation if there is a booger hanging from a man’s nose hair. Also, if a girl can see a guy’s ear hairs, maybe they are too long. Men should buy trimmers and that will easily solve the problem without a doubt!
  • Eyebrows are the curtains to the windows of the soul, the eyes. Therefore, they should be maintained in a good shape. We are not talking about a perfect brow shape the way that girls are trying to do it. Still, very bushy eyebrows can look weird and change the whole face. They can make you look angry or grumpy! It would be nice to clean up the unruly eyebrows at least a bit, so that you have a better look.
  • Last but not least, guys should always try to be clean (the same goes for women, of course!). All they need is a bar of soap or a shower gel and maybe a loofah. A good level of personal hygiene is just the basis of a decent personal representation. Whether it comes to personal life or professional relationships, it is a lot easier to communicate when the person opposite you does not smell bad.

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