What Your Clothes Say About You

What Your Clothes Say About You

There are millions of things that can reveal a person’s personality – what is your favorite color or whether you prefer dogs or cats. There is another “quiz” now, which reveals your personality and these are your clothes. Even if you think that if you just grab a pair of clothes in the morning this would not mean anything, you are wrong. Even the accidental choice of clothes does mean something. Here is your personality according to the clothes you are wearing, of course.

The color Red
For all of you, ladies, who like to wear red we have some good news. You may just buy red clothes because it compliments your skin, or you just feel comfortable in it, or just because you like red. It is true that clothes in red attract attention; shy people usually won’t wear them. But here is another great news – male species find red attractive. This is both in the animal and human world. Even if men do not realize it, it is true. Red is the color of lust and sexuality. I would say, good choice, girls!

Black and blue
According to some sciences wearing black with another dark color is a sign of neuroticism. This is a bit funny since dark colors are complimentary to certain body types, especially when you want to hide parts of your body. And many women do wear such colors. Do not worry your choice of colors is still good.

Dressing unconventionally
This means, of course, that you do not want to be part of the crowd. You have your own style and you avoid to the max to be one of the herd. This also means that you are open to new things. You do not have prejudices and you are a bit chaotic. You can start one thing, then leave it to do another and end up finishing a third one.

Dressing young
This is probably every teenager’s nightmare – their parents to dress like their children. If you do that, do not worry, there is nothing wrong with you. In fact, this is good for your health. When you dress young, you feel younger, and when you feel young your body feels young. This is one of the easiest ways to bring back your youth, literally.

If you wear only pants, and I mean it, no skirts or dresses, not even one, then you are probably one of the most interesting women but you just do not realize it. These women are stuck in a shell. They feel like they have disadvantages, they want to be one the same social level with men and want to achieve everything in their job just by their own hard work. These women are strong.

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