What To Expect From Shoe Stores In The Spring

What To Expect From Shoe Stores In The Spring

You know that the fashion industry is a huge business, which earn its profit from the changes and the people who want to own those different designs and styles. That’s why every year we are witnessing those changes, we fall in love with them and then turn them into trends. And today I want to talk about shoes trends for the Spring 2015.

Gladiators. As always, we are able to enjoy the incredible and glorious style of the gladiator shoes.

Sneakers. The comfort is trendy this year. Which means that from now on you will not have a single excuse for not walking enough during the day. The sneakers allow a sporty outfit, which means that you have to start to go to work with your bike. Forget about the car, forget about the bus, just ride your bike.

Flats. Short people are coming to town. Please, don’t offend, I’m short too. But the pressure of being tall all the time will disappear after trends like sneakers and flat sandals and shoes will be trendy during the warm seasons.

Stilettos. And for the formal events, we will enjoy the elegance of the stilettos high heels. Gentle, delicate and feminine shoes, which will flatter our feet.

Laces and straps. Let’s talk a little bit about the details. As you can guess, the laces and straps will be a huge craze this spring. The gladiators gave us a hint about that trend in the details. Thin, thick, leathered, fabric, whatever you can think of, the straps will enhance the legs all the way to the knees.

Feathers. Instead of the last years studs and gems, this year, the shoes will be decorated with feathers. The colors will be rich and bright and the feathers will be soft and fluffy. So, don’t throw away that old, feathered prom clutch you have. It might play the role of the perfect match for your new gorgeous Oscar de la Renta’s feathery straps.

Leather. The leather will be both genuine and Eco, but one thing is sure – we will see a lot of leathered sneakers, flats and high-heels in the windows of the shoe stores.

Knits and knots. Another trendy detail for the spring shoes will be the knot. All kinds of webs, nets, knits and knots will be tangled around your ankles, heels and calves. I hope there will be zippers too, otherwise I will be forced to sleep with my shoes, because of the difficult take off.

Shimmer and glitter. I bet you will get enthusiastic about this trend because of the party summer you plan. But this time we will enjoy the shimmer and the glitter not only on high heels, but flats and sneakers too.

T-strap shoes. I adore those designs of shoes and I’m really glad that the T-strap shoes are trendy again. They are making the legs look long and straight, and if you choose stable heels, you will be the queen of the sidewalk.

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