Wedding Swimsuit – Why Not?

Wedding Swimsuit – Why Not?

Have you ever dreamed of a wedding by the sea or at least to be on your favourite beach? And how it sounds to say the cherished “Yes”, dressed in a bikini? Or how about a stylish piece of bathing clothing with a suitably rich wedding decoration? Such romantic Mara Hoffman brand offers in her new collection for 2014 series “Wedding swimwear.” The west fashion wedding swimsuit is now gaining strength. The alternative marriages by the sea or on an ocean beach are the latest hit this year.

Famous brands of swimwear and lingerie have joined the race. Victoria’s Secret created its limited edition for weddings, represented by the rising brand model Kate Upton. Mara Hoffman, famous brand of wedding clothes, first launched its wedding Devotion Collection, 2014, which includes not only light translucent dresses and suits, but bikinis and bathing purposes, accompanied by exotic wraps. Designer Mara Hoffman said that the brand has launched new proposals in favour of more open minded clients who instead of the traditional altar in the church prefer marine debris to pledge themselves for life.

For those who do not find the courage to stand naked before the critical gaze of the family and loved ones, the designer advised to take her new works in the suitcase on their honeymoon. It is not insignificant the price as well – stylish swimsuit model around the new collection of Diana costs only 308 dollars and bikini Peitho – 342 dollars. In the Wes, it t is particularly fashionable also the retro style that does not skip women’s costumes. They are much more modest than the modern swimsuit but also look stylish and feminine.

But of course, classic dresses will never lose their charm. Panties are brave and adventurous, prone to exhibitionism. For ladies with good manners and style, bikini swimsuit is no alternative – the dress is their sole and final choice.

Yet, for those more adventurous and brave in their choice of clothing, they can think of their wedding gown as a nicely done swim suits that, decorated appropriately, can look even more glamorous than the traditional white dress. But of course, it does depend where you are going to be having your wedding. The women chosen the beach for their special day might think if the wedding swimsuits as a Fantastic idea! Wedding on the beach in a bathing suit and flip-flops, then a party on the beach with night swimming – what more can you want to have for your day? Your guests as well as yourself will have an amazing time, enjoying the sun and warm weather during the day, and the nice ocean breeze at night, where after the midnight dances, eating and drinks, you can afford to be foolish and go for a little swim – why not!

Next time you think of your wedding day, or if you have never thought about it, and you want it to be something really special, unique and unforgettable, then defiantly think of a wedding swimsuits not just for yourself, but also for your significant other – we are sure both of you will remember that day!

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