Watercolor Nails Tutorial

Watercolor Nails Tutorial

It’s coming a moment where we are going to have a lot free time for our favorite activities, such as:



DIY projects

Cooking time

Nail art


Now I want to talk a little bit more about nail art and later we may continue with the rest of the so delightful activities. Imagine this scenario: Your Christmas vacation is already here. Now you have plenty of time just for yourself, how about making a great nail art, which will decorate your beautiful hands. And if you match this nail art with your holiday outfit for the joyful night. Take a look at the idea I present to you and start doing this nail decoration all by yourself:

Prepare the nails. Now that you have enough time, you should do the procedure properly. File and shape the nails first, and then you can start painting your nails with nail polishes. First of all choose the nail shape. There are 4 basic nail shapes: oval, square, stiletto and almond. In my experience, the oval and almond shapes are the strongest ones. They don’t crack and fall, while the square shape has pointy corners at the tip and as you grab things or work with your hands it happens often to damage a corner of the nail tip. Once the shape is chosen, file the nails.

Then apply the primer. It is an essential part of the nail art procedure, because the primer prevents nail yellowing and also makes it easier to remove the nail art once you are satisfied with it.

Once the prime is all dried out you can apply the basic color, which is white for this nail art. If you are not satisfied with the coverage, just apply another layer.

Then comes the actual decoration – the watercolor effect. Add tiny drops of a bright color on the nail. Then dip a brush in acetone and smudge the drops of nail polish. Repeat with different colors until you reach the coverage that you like.

Finish the whole nail art with a top coat in order to save it last longer. Enjoy!


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