Trick for Bigger Looking Lips

Trick for Bigger Looking Lips

Sometimes we are not satisfied with our look. Some of us think that they are not attractive enough or they just have different criteria of beauty than their appearance, but the easiest way to live your life in a normal way is just to get over it and accept yourself just the way you are. But there are people who can’t get over it and they can’t accept their selves and they do things that (in my opinion) are wrong. General changes of your body and natural features are wrong. I believe that you figured out for what I’m talking about – the plastic surgery. It’s nice to fix your nose or your sticking out ears, but it’s not natural anymore. And don’t shock when your little, beautiful girl has big ears and hooked nose. Try to keep the things natural, always. I’m not including the makeup in that category, because the makeup isn’t something temporary. You put it in the morning and before bed you are free off it. You are allowed to enhance your gorgeous eyes or to hide that pimple until it fades away. Unfortunately, the good looking is highly essential in many societies, people trust more attractive people and employers prefer more attractive employees.

But let’s get back to the changes. If you want so desperately to make a change, for instance, about your facial features – just use makeup. Just like this girl, who wants bigger lips, and she found a way to make them look bigger only with the help of a lip pencil and a concealer. See how:

Outline the borders of the lips to create the thickness you want. Be careful not to be too visible. Use soft brown lip pencil. You will play with the shadows that way. Outline the bottom lip and define the Cupid’s bow.

Then use concealer to make the lips pop out. Apply above the Cupid’s bow and at the outer corners of the bottom lips. Blend in.

Now you will see the difference.

You can see that it’s easy to enhance and make small changes about your look without the drastic measures of the plastic surgery. Enjoy your natural beauty!




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  2. I love your article, not only this one but also others because they are always logical and easy to understand. I really appreciate it.

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