Three Reasons For Happy Love Life
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Three Reasons For Happy Love Life

Maybe I’ll disappoint you, but there are a lot of factors that can predict happy love life and love is not one of them.

I am in a very long relationship and I truly love my life partner, but if there weren’t some other reasons to stay with this person, love wouldn’t hold me this long. Sometimes love is only like bonus to the relationship, while these other factors are the true supporting bars to a good, healthy and happy relationship between two human beings.

I will show you the results of a study where researchers were analyzing the relationships between 1,284 men and women in three different age groups – 18-30 years old; 31-59 years old and 60-90 years old. Of course, factors like being in love, strong sexual chemistry and living together were often mentioned as reasons for a happy life, but this is not what surprised the researchers, because these reasons are logical and common. But the next three reasons are a little bit off the list of the common ones. Take a look and see if it is true for your relationship:

The first factor is the age of the people who are in the happy relationship. The respondents between 31 and 59 tend to be happier than the ones in the third age group. When you think about it, it doesn’t seem so strange and surprising, it is even logical. When you had a goal for family, and you are 35 and have beautiful wife/husband, you feel that your job is done. Also, most of the people succeeded pretty well in a career aspect and there is nothing to worry them. So, the factor of the age is more like satisfaction of personal achievements:

  • Find a life partner – check;
  • Find a good job – check.

While the people in their early 60s start to worry about the life and if they have done enough. Sometimes these people think that there is something more to be done, that they could have done more, both in their love life and their career experience.

Ok, the first one is not so surprising, but the second factor surprised even me: the religious beliefs. And we are not talking here about people who cherish the same religion, we are talking about how strong is the belief and if the people are synchronized about the way the see the world through the religion glasses, because everyone has different way to express their beliefs even if the religion is the same.

The third and last reason for happy and strong life according to the research is the social life of the couple – both personal social life and social life as a couple, together. I didn’t see that coming, because I feel truly satisfied with the company of my man, but apparently it is not enough for other people to enjoy a happy love life. According to the research, the people who have active social life outside the relationship are much happier than the people who stuck to each other without paying attention to the social life outside the relationship.

So, what is your main reason for happy love life?




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