Thing Not To Do Before a Workout
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Thing Not To Do Before a Workout

Now you will say: “I just started to work out and the rules never end”.

You shouldn’t demotivate about the rules and the tips, because they will bring the great results.

If your goal is losing weight, you have to create a lifestyle that will work for this goal. Believe me, I tried only to do a lot of cardio exercises, but the results weren’t great, because the whole procedure of losing weight is complex and it requires a lot of dedication and other regimes too. First of all, you have to start with the small things like:

  • Don’t drink any kind of beverage while you eat. Or if you need so badly to drink something, drink only a little bit of water.
  • Don’t eat while you watch TV, because you are distracted from the eating process and you will eat a lot more food than you are supposed to do.
  • Forget about the soda drinks.
  • Don’t eat candies after 5 p.m.
  • Eat healthy snack, like vegetables, fruits, smoothies, protein shakers, etc.
  • Try to take less sugar than 4 spoons per day. I know that the amount of the sugar is not written on the packages of food and this must warn you not to consume foods that come in packages.

But enough with the food part of your weight loss process, let’s pay attention to what you should never do before a workout. These mistakes might ruin the achieved results. Take a look:

  • Drinking alcohol before the workout. It doesn’t matter if it is a happy hour, but the cocktail can ruin your whole workout. The first simple explanation is that the alcohol will dehydrate your body, which needs a lot of hydration before, during and after the workout, and we all know how important it is to keep the body hydrated in order to work better and to achieve great results. The second problem that might occur when the alcohol is in the body is that the blood vessels will narrow, which can lead to dizziness, lack of strength and as a result – ineffective exercise routine. So, try to be strong when the colleagues call you for a drink after work. If you drink alcohol, you’d better skip the gym for this day.
  • We talked about dehydration, but what happens when you just realized that you haven’t drank enough water during the day and you drink several cups of water right before the workout? Your kidneys are capable of processing no more than a liter of water for an hour and if you drink more than that the danger is huge – you can get a hyponatremia, when the blood becomes diluted and the concentration of sodium ions drops too low, this condition leads to energy loss, muscle weakness and cramps, all of which are needed for an effective workout. I doubt that you will drink more than a liter of water for an hour, but you should be warned about this.
  • It is not the best idea to have a little bit of sexy time with your boyfriend before the workout. It will mess up your energy level and you will feel too lazy at the gym, which can lead to ineffective workout, so, if it happens to have sex before the workout, you’d better skip it for the day, or leave it for later if you have the time. Take a rest and cuddle with your lover, that’s the best you can do.
  • Everyone tells you to stretch before the workout, but you should be careful exactly how you stretch. The static stretch is not recommended. The workout needs the muscles to contract as intensely and forcefully as possible, but the static stretch can bother them and ruin the whole workout. Instead, try the dynamic stretches before your workout.

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