The Workout Plan for a Tight Bum
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The Workout Plan for a Tight Bum

Maybe you have been a disciplined girl this year and did not forget about your New Year’s Resolutions by January 10th, so now you have a toned body that you can proudly show off at the beach. Or maybe you were lazy, preferred chocolate spread and French fries and lying on the sofa, binge watching TV shows. If you are the second type of woman, probably now you slightly regret it. Swimsuit season is here and we become even more body-conscious than ever. Not only are you probably trying to get some bronze glow on your skin and maintain it completely hairless and silky smooth, but you are also struggling with a few extra inches here and there, some pesky and annoying cellulite or just the extra five pounds. The good news is that it is never too late to become fit! Yes, maybe you will not be able to enjoy the results next weekend, but in a month or so your figure will noticeably change. You will need to stick to a healthy diet regime and be consistent in your workouts.

Bums have become a hot topic lately. The attention has been brought to this particular body part and the more effort you put into making it look good, the more confidence you will probably feel. Yes, internal beauty is more important than the physical one, but there is nothing wrong with making your booty a little more toned, muscular and sexy! Check out a few exercises that could help you shape it in a great way:

  • Squats: This is the classic exercise for toning your body’s lower part. Its main benefit is that it is not quite hard to do and does not require any extra equipment. However, it is very important to do it with the right body posture. Your feet should be parallel and apart to the width of the shoulders. You need to lower your hips down, but not let your knees go past the level of your toes. Then just go back up. If you want to make the squats even more intense, simply add weights.
  • Kickback Squat: There are a lot of variations of the classic squat exercise, and one of them is precisely the kickback squat. Again, you need to be standing with your legs at a shoulder width. Sit back into a squat and then bring your left leg straight behind you while you are extending your arms in a forward direction. Next, return to the position of a squat and repeat the same movement, but on the other side. Alternate the sides. Your weight needs to be kept back on your keeps and your hips need to be square when you extend your leg behind you.
  • Standing Lunges: Lunges are one of the best exercises for your butt, but they can be exhausting. Initially, you need to stand with feet shoulder width apart and your feet should be pointing straight ahead. Step your left foot forward while still keeping your forward leg centered over your ankle. Be careful: your knee should not exceed the level of your toes. Push off with your heels when you step forward, so that you are more balanced. When you are returning to your initial position, focus on straightening your knee and hip.
  • Glute Kickback: For this exercise you need to be down on your hands and knees and your knees have to be bent at 90 degrees. Keep your head in a neutral position and lift your left leg back and up, while paying attention to your legs: your knee has to be bent until your foot is higher than your head. Squeeze your left glute and lower your leg back to the initial position. Alternate your legs to tone both sides of your bum.
  • Bridge: For this exercise you need to lie on your back, so it is perfect for lazier girls! Do this one at the end of the workout, so that you can rest while still doing something beneficial. Lie down with your knees bent and your feet on the floor, apart at a hip-width. Then, lift your spine off the ground and tighten your glutes and hamstrings until you have created a line from your shoulders to your knees. Return slowly to the ground.

Basically, try to do 20 repetitions of each exercise in two or three rounds every day. The results will soon make you feel happy and satisfied with all the hard work and time you have invested in toning your bottom! You can do these exercises while listening to music or watching TV in your living room. However, it is a good idea to pay attention to your body posture as it has a great impact on the effectiveness of the exercises.


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