The Unexpected Tourist Gems, Hidden in Europe
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The Unexpected Tourist Gems, Hidden in Europe

Europe, also known as the “Old Continents” might not have the exotic forests, the tropical climate or the crazy wildlife that Africa, Asia or South America offer their visitors. However, Europe is a special tourist destination for several reasons. First of all, movement in between countries is quite easy as they are closely packed together and there are all kinds of transport, including cheap low-cost airlines, buses, or trains. Also, there is a large number of historical sites as old as a millennium! Not to mention the great variety of cultures and languages: you can party in warm crazy Ibiza or chill in sophisticated Vienna. The colorful European continent offers so much that it would be a shame not to travel it at least once in your life.

However, people tend to stick to the traditional tourist destinations, more specifically – the most famous capitals. Rome, London, Paris and Madrid are famous for being entertaining and interesting. Still, there are lots of small towns hidden in Europe that would make great vacation destinations. Take a look at a short selection of them:

Albarracin, Spain is the first town on our list. It is only two hours away from Valencia by car and it is located in the province of Teruel, in the slightly northwestern part of Spain. The municipality has only a little over a thousand people. The medieval architecture and narrow streets make Albarracin a place with special atmosphere that will take you back a few centuries. Morning walks along the Guadalaviar River or a visit to the museum are just some of the calm activities you can choose during your stay.

The next proposition is Pucisca in Croatia. It is a settlement on the island of Brac. With only about a thousand inhabitants, it is a great cultural centre and beautiful location for a romantic visit. Croatia has become attractive for tourists just lately, but its popularity is growing rapidly. The white stone houses with terracotta roofs on narrow cobbled streets are definitely worth to be seen. The Mediterranean feel of the town and the sunny sky are a synonym of relax!

You may not know this, but Odense, a small town in Denmark, is the birthplace of fairy-tale author Hans Christian Andersen. Even though it is the thirst biggest town in Denmark, its charm of a romantic and non-busy location is undisputed. The variety of fairy-tale related sculptures will make great places for photos; the architecture is quite opulent and diverse and art lovers’ interests can also be satisfied. Copenhagen is great, but if you are already in Denmark, do not miss out on Odense!

If there is a country that we absolutely adore to travel to, it is Italy! The food, the people, the architecture, the landscapes: everything! However, one of the most special destinations is Manarola, one of the small seaside Cinque Terre towns. Located on the coast of the Italian Riviera, Manarola’s pictures are all over the Internet, as its brightly colored houses and its view over the sea are absolutely astonishing. Do not forget to try the local wine called Sciacchetrà as it is said to be very high quality.

Last but not least, let’s mention Freiburg in Germany. It is the home of over 230 thousand people, so it is not as small as some of the places on our list. Still, this town, located in Southwest Germany is about a thousand years old! Surrounded by a forest and being a great architectural centre, Freiburg is awesome for a weekend getaway in for history enthusiasts!

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