The Perks of Following Healthy Lifestyle
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The Perks of Following Healthy Lifestyle

The people who follow a healthy lifestyle, eating well and exercising regularly, often get addicted to certain things, that are part of the healthy lifestyle. Today I will show you the addictive things that make you love even more the healthy way of life. Take a look:

The first one is a little bit annoying for the people around you, but you love it – you start to talk like a fitness instructor. You sound like a doctor when it comes to carbohydrates, protein, or you give advices for exercises and even make diet plans for other people. I know that the feeling of being informed about healthy lifestyle is really satisfying and gives you confidence to talk about it, but keep in mind that other people might get irritated of your behavior.

The only liquid that you put in your body is water. This is connected with the previous one: you know how harmful are the other drinks (except for smoothies and fresh juices) and you drink only water, wherever you go. And also, you love it, you wake up and drink a glass of water immediately.

Another great thing that comes with the pack “Healthy Life” is the one that you can’t wait the alarm to turn on. You wake up before it, because you have got used to early jogging or early bike class. At some point of your life you will even stop turning the alarm, you will wake up all by yourself.

Some people are addicted to chocolate, but your addictive food is the Kale. You put it everywhere and you eat (or drink) it like it is the most delicious candy in the world.

I know that this one will sound silly, but I love the way my muscles are sore after a heavy workout. I feel like I have done so much work. And the next day, when I have to work out again, the pain is  gone after the first 10 minutes of warm up.

Another product that you will get addicted to is the dry shampoo. You can’t wash your hair every day, but you apply dry shampoo, because it loses its volume because it is tied into a ponytail all the time. So, yes, the dry shampoo is another thing that you will get addicted to.

Make sure that you have Instagram, because you will want to post all your healthy meals. And also, another thing that you should prepare for, your friends will hate you about this the same way they get annoyed by your Fitness Instructor’s advice.

I’m sure that you won’t rest until you reach the 10 000 steps per day, which means that you have at least two tracking applications on your phone.

Your favorite kitchen tool is the Blender. It is way much easier and delicious to drink your vegetables instead of eating them.

And since you do your exercises on electronic music to motivate you, now, this is your favorite genre.

These addictions are not bad for you, they just make you odd, but as long as you follow a healthy lifestyle, everything is alright.

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