The Impact of Junk Food Vs. Healthy Food on Your Body

The Impact of Junk Food Vs. Healthy Food on Your Body

It is funny, or more like sad, that we daily ingest various foods and drinks without even thinking about what they truly contain. The questions that we most frequently pose involve “What do you prefer right now – Italian, Japanese or Mexican cuisine?”, “How many calories is there in this yogurt?” or “Oh, do these French fries taste better?” We think about the type of food we want to eat and how it tastes, and sometimes we pretend that we care about its nutritious value, when we are counting calories. However, what you need to really be aware of is where your food is coming, what do the complicated words on the packaging mean, is it safe to continue eating such foods on a regular basis, etc.

Today we are asking one key question, regarding our food regime: what effect does food have on your bodies when we consume it? We are going to oppose two groups of food, junk and healthy. Let’s have a look at what our research found:

The Effect of a Fast Food Burger on Your Body

If you are a burger lover, you know how hard it is to resist the temptation to order a greasy burger with a questionable origin. Why does it have to taste so good, yet be a guilty pleasure?  When you are consuming a burger with red meat, you might be feeling satisfied and happy. Well, that is due to the fact that the tryptophan in the red meat boosts the hormone serotonin in your brain which causes you to feel happier. The protein in the meat, if it is pure and good-quality that is, can provide you with energy and help you build bones and muscles. The red meat also can contain good amounts of zinc, iron and B12 vitamins. However, the bun itself, when containing refined carbs, can cause a blood sugar spike which is not good at all. Another bad effect on your body would be that the salt and saturated fat in the fast food burger can increase the risks of heart problems. Saturated fat also ups cholesterol in your bloodstream. Finally, the high amount of calories can lead you to weight gain, unless you work out regularly and burn a significant amount after indulging in this meal.

Fast Food – Why is It Bad for Your Body?

Food is the fuel of your organism and it needs to provide you with a variety of nutrients, so that you are healthy and even beautiful. Fast food increases cholesterol levels and the risk of heart disease. It can lead to headaches or stomachaches if you have a slightly more sensitive organism. Not to mention that all the grease and artificial ingredients can lead to skin problems like acne and puffiness, weight gain and bloating. Why don’t you skip McDonalds this week and instead prepare a nice, healthy homemade meal instead?

Healthy Food – The Key to a Happier Life

People cannot survive without food: that is certain. However, in order to fulfill their maximum potential, their daily food intake needs to consist of all the minerals, vitamins and nutrients that will keep your energy levels high. A diet which is rich in fruit and vegetables, fibre and protein can have a great impact on your life. First of all, you will be able to perform better physically, so you will not feel embarrassed when you cannot go hiking with your friends or take a long walk with your loved one. Second of all, you can become better at the more mental activities like studying, doing research, working, etc.  A good eating regime would actually improve your concentration and productivity. Next, healthy food is called like that for a reason: when your daily intake of vitamins, for example, is higher, you will be able to fight disease easier. If you are prone to colds and other illnesses, you might want to revise your diet. Last but not least, healthy food actually has a great impact on your psychological state.  Research has shown that there is some connection between depression, aggression and delinquency, for example, and unhealthy food choices.

All in all, it is important to pay attention to something as trivial, but significant as your food. Who knows: maybe soon you will notice a huge difference in your life!


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