The Best Mobile Apps for Travel

The Best Mobile Apps for Travel

The holidays are officially over and a whole month from the New Year has passed. However, you might be on the lookout for some excitement since you have already retained all the energy from the exhausting winter parties and celebrations. Why not plan a cool trip somewhere? Usually, the period after New Year is the best since plane tickets are the cheapest (the prices are at their peak during the holidays and the summer!), hotels are offering great deals and overall there is less stress and pressure. Still, we all know that a trip, even if it is a short one, carries a certain amount of stress with it. So why not download a few cool apps on your phone to help you out and make the planning a lot easier? Check out our cool list of travel apps below!

  • GateGuru: Are you one of those people who love to take a walk at the airport while waiting for boarding your flight? Are you interested in having a meal or a drink or browse the cool duty-free shops at airports? Well, we are too, but we also know that sometimes you can end up missing your flight while trying on shoes and sunglasses. That is why this app is so amazing: it gives you information on which shops and food or drink venues are closest to your gate. It also includes alerts for any gate changes and insider tips about which security lane is moving in the fastest pace.
  • Packing Pro: To be honest, my mom has always been my greatest source of good packing tips. However, when she is not around, my suitcase is an absolute mess and I can fit a lot less in the same spaces. Indeed, packing is one of the most stressful elements from the travelling process. However, this app helps you out with creating a customized packing list based on the specific traits of your trip like temperature and duration.
  • Entrain: We admit that this app is absolutely genius! It helps you out with jet lag by recommending a schedule of light exposure to help you adjust to new time zones faster. It was developed by real researchers, so it is very reliable!
  • Viber: Communicating with your friends and relatives is very important when you travelling for a few weeks. However, we know that prices for out-of-the-country calls can be very unpleasant. Viber is an app that lets you make calls, send texts and upload pictures to Intagram. It will help you if you suffer from a certain addiction to your mobile phone!
  • Hipmunk: There is a plethora of apps that you can use to find and compare flights’ prices to a particular destination. However, Hipmunk has one more filter and it is the “agony” filter: it calculates the amount of pain in terms of layovers, changes and other factors that might make your travel annoying.
  • Findery: The last app on our list will provide you with intriguing information from users themselves on off-the-beaten-path places. It is basically a social discovery platform with lots of useful tips.

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