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Clever Tips to Keep Women Healthy and Fresh

Female nature is complicated: we face so many different health issues throughout our lives that we live under constant stress. Monthly periods are one of our tortures: not to include all puberty problems, pregnancy, and menopause. During our whole lives we struggle with different symptoms, born from the fact that we are women. Men cannot understand us and put themselves in our ... Read More »

Save Your Femininity During The Winter

Being a graceful, beautiful woman shouldn’t end with the last summer day. We have to show off with our femininity 24/7, all seasons, no matter what is the weather. The designers work hard for this, that’s why there are collections and trends for the Fall/Winter season. We can’t hide our bodies and sexy curves under the ugly square jacket and ... Read More »

The Shoes Every Woman Should Have

Women and shoes have a special connection since, well, forever. We tend to buy shoes whether or not we need them just because they look good or we think that some time or other we will have something to wear them with. I, like every other woman, have a lot of shoes, many of which I don‘t wear, but there ... Read More »

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