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The New Social Media Trend: The Swelfie

Yes, you are probably aware what a selfie is: it is basically a photo that you take of yourself, a self-portrait of the modern world. The leading social trends are dictated by social media, respectively Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Everyone knows what a hashtag is, how important it is that your profile picture is on point and how often ... Read More »

How to Look Great on Selfies

Some people are addicted to social media and uploading selfies. If you are really interested in looking your best, without actually editing your pictures, take a look at these makeup  recommendations, which you can also use in your everyday beauty routine! If you are a lipstick kind of girl, do not forget to prepare your lips for it and smooth ... Read More »

Instagram‘s New Trend – #WakeUpCall

There was the #nomakeup trend, then the #IceBucketChallenge, now there‘s a new trend on Instagram that a big part of Hollywood celebrities follow for a few months now – the #WakeUpCall trend. It‘s basically celebs that take selfies in bed just after they woke up. Some of them are very cute and show some people‘s natural beauty, but some show ... Read More »

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