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Junk Food’s Worst Effect on You

The healthy food movement has become a huge thing in the past year or so. People are seemingly becoming more and more conscious about their diet choices and where they purchase their food. Just click on a hashtag #healthyfood or #fitlife and your screen will reveal hundreds of images of plates full of natural yogurt and fruit, salads, etc. We ... Read More »

The Impact of Junk Food Vs. Healthy Food on Your Body

It is funny, or more like sad, that we daily ingest various foods and drinks without even thinking about what they truly contain. The questions that we most frequently pose involve “What do you prefer right now – Italian, Japanese or Mexican cuisine?”, “How many calories is there in this yogurt?” or “Oh, do these French fries taste better?” We ... Read More »

Eating Habits For Long & Healthy Life

It is a cliche to talk about eating habits, sport, etc., but some people don’t get it how important it is to have a healthy lifestyle. It is not important only for you, but for your children too. One day you will pass your genes to your children and if your habits are healthy and good, they will take that from ... Read More »

Why We Should Start Eating Healthy

Lately a lot of people have been obsessed with healthy eating. And there is nothing bad about that. The new sexy is fit and healthy, rather than skinny and hungry. Many people think that a healthy diet means hell and it is about hunger and not eating enough and stuff like that. The truth is though that healthy eating is ... Read More »

Organize Your Fridge For Slim Body

First of all, for any kind of body, if your fridge is well organized you will save a lot of time and money from searching around some stuff you never find, and when you find them (after a week) it is expired. I try to be practical and act Eco, and when I have to throw away food every weekend, ... Read More »

Foods For Healthy Heart

When someone asks you which is the most important organ in your body, your answer must be immediate – the Heart. It keeps us alive and strong and our job is to take good care of the things that keep us alive and strong, this is the way to thank them. And how we can thank our Heart – with good food, ... Read More »

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