Swimsuit Trends for Summer 2015
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Swimsuit Trends for Summer 2015

New season means new wardrobe for the fashion enthusiasts among you! Some items can be helpful all year around, like a blazer, a skater skirt or a pair of Converse because they can be worn both in cold or hot weather. However, some elements of your closet are typical for a particular time of year. In the case of summer, you have bohemian maxi dresses, gladiator sandals and, most importantly, swimsuits. They appear in all possible colors, styles, patterns and everyone can find something that would fit their figure and, even more importantly, their style. The good news is that this summer trends are vast in number and can satisfy everyone. Whether you are a minimalistic Scandinavian-loving fashionista, a wild, seductive tigress, or a free spirit that want to feel comfortable even at the beach, you will be able to find your perfect match among the bathing suits in stores. However, remember that, after all, vacations are for fun and you do not have to look “flawless” according to media stereotypes: you need to be happy and enjoy this year’s warmer months. Still, make the most of your shopping day when you are in the search of the perfect swimsuit: we, girls, love our fashion, right?

  • Tribal prints: Also known as ethnic prints, these patterns have made a comeback this season. Their pastel versions have been quite popular among designers and brands for summer 2015. Our advice is to mix a patterned tribal bikini top with a coral bottom, for example. You can choose pastel baby blue or lemon yellow as well, of course, but the point is to keep the bottom part simple for the best possible look.
  • Straps, straps, straps: Whether there are straps on the side parts of your bikini bottom or your bikini top is the caged one, you should not miss some cut styles! This would be the perfect choice for girls who want to be sexy while stylish and like drawing attention to their toned, healthy bodies.
  • Geometrical black and white patterns: Minimalism has its place among swimsuit trends also. Black and white is a classic combination, but whether you go for a one-piece or a bikini style, think monochrome geometry when deciding. You can never go wrong with this trend!
  • Crazy, stupid neons: We thought neon colors had abandoned ship and had stayed in 2012 as a summer fashion trend. However, they appeared, as if out of nowhere, and it seems that they are quite popular once again. Pink, yellow, blue and orange: all of these colors have their neon versions and we advise you to get at least once swimsuit with a dash of neon, if you want to be on top of trends this season. Especially trendy are tops that have neon fragments in different colors, so mix and match and go crazy as much as you want!
  • The high neckline bikini top: Crop tops dunked the fashion world like a tsunami wave and were something that probably everyone was wearing. It was just a matter of time that the trend grew even bigger and was translated into something else. Who would have thought that bikinis were going to be the victims of “crop top hysteria”? The high neckline bikini top is less revealing than other alternatives, but you should be aware that even though it looks very sporty and stylish, its main drawback is that your neckline will remain not tanned.
  • The wrap bikini top: Again, a little impractical when it comes to tanning. However, it is so stunning that we might as well forgive its flaws. Besides, it is a great choice for girls with smaller breasts, so if you are not curvy in your top body parts, go for a wrap top for your swimsuit!

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