Summer Shoe Trends

Summer Shoe Trends

Many girls dream of a shoe collection similar to the one Carrie Bradshaw, the famous TV character from Sex and the City, had in stock. She would not have enough money to pay her rent, but would invest in trendy high-heeled Manolo Blanhik footwear. We do not believe in such extreme ends of love for fashion, but we certainly in women’s right for beautiful shoes. A pair of trendy, statement high-heels can change a combination of boyfriend jeans and white t-shirt from a casual, sporty outwear into a clubbing outfit. Shoes are the perfect finish to whatever clothes you have chosen and can show how familiar you are with current trends and how developed your style is. If by any chance you have missed what is going on the fashion footwear scene, we are giving you a quick and easy to absorb guide! Take a look at what kind of shoes you should be looking out for and some outfit ideas to inspire you!

  • Gladiator Sandals: Strappy shoes are extremely fashionable this year in lots of variations. Gladiator sandals are a great historical tribute to Roman times, but are also one of the best flat additions to your shoe collection for the summer season as well. Whether you go for a knee-high pair or a shorter version, you can wear them with denim shorts, romantic maxi dresses and skater skirts. Keep in mind, though, that it is possible for them to “cut” your leg optically and make it look shorter, so consult someone before buying them, if you care if they will suit your figure.
  • Slip-on Sandals: One of the biggest surprises of this fashion season was the rise of the slip-on sandals. Their biggest benefit is they are quite comfortable and simple, so it is not hard to mix and match them. However, opinions over them are divided as they are something you would rather wear to throw the garbage out as opposed to visit the new top fashionable café in your city. They are a good idea for long tourist walks in hot weather. Slip-on sandals go with basically everything: from harem pants and linen trousers to mini dresses. We would advise you to avoid them on night out, though, as they are a bit too casual.
  • Strappy High- Heeled Sandals: The strap euphoria is transferred in more elegant shoes for girls who want to add a few inches to their height as well. The good news is that these straps hold your foot and ankle so tight, that they are quite comfortable and make it easier for you to survive five or six hours in them. Still, you should carefully try them on before buying them as all of these straps combined with the heel can be painful if they do not fit your foot perfectly!
  • Chunky Heeled Sandals: It is impossible that you have missed the 70’s trend this summer! Chunky heels are one of the key footwear elements of the hippie era. They are also a very comfortable alternative to the stiletto and can be worn on more casual occasions as well. Whether you want a leather or suede pair, one in a bright blue color or in neutral tan hue, you can find your perfect pair and rock it with dresses, skirts, shorts, etc.
  • Espadrilles: The perfect flat shoe for the summer! Even high fashion designers like Chanel have created their version of the espadrille. They are sporty, but not as much as trainers, comfortable, casual and definitely will bring out the holiday mood in your mind!
  • Trainers: The sporty trend infiltrated not only blogs and high-street stores, but even fashion weeks in London, Paris, Milan and New York! You can go for a classic white Adidas pair or a neon Nike one, depending on your taste. To be honest, it can be a little weird to mix a pair of trainers with a retro midi A-line skirt, but fashion has no borders, so experiment as much as you want!

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