Romantic Nail Art

Romantic Nail Art

For a romantic date you must be fully prepared, especially with your look. You have to pay attention to every little detail bow for your look and your behavior. Let’s say that you have a first date with your crush tonight. We have to run through different themes and situations and how you will look at these moments, what kind of first impression you will leave with him and you definitely must create the Wow effect when he sees you, so, our job today is to maintain such a look.

You can choose between several styles: You can be sassy, or not; maybe you should choose the innocent adorable look, which is the better choice in my opinion. Boys like bad-looking and sassy girls, but they will take more seriously a girl who looks small and sweet, a girl who should be protected. To create such a look, you have to touch every little detail – from tips to toes, and now I want you to start with the tips – your nail art. Check out this great tutorial for gentle and romantic looking nail art.

It’s not only the colors that make this nail art appropriate for your date night, but also the design itself – Ombre pink hearts. It’s just perfect. Take a look at the following steps and try to do it yourself:

The preparation of the nails is essential. You have to make sure that the canvas for your masterpiece is ready to handle it. File and shape the nails in square shape, this shape will be matched perfectly with this kind of nail art.

Then apply a primer. Just paint over the nails a transparent nail polish or a top coat. Make sure that there is a firewall between your nails and the basic color of nail polish.

Then prepare the stencil. Cut in a tape strip shape of a heart.

Then pain the basic color – white nail polish.

Once the basic color is dry you can stick the stencils.

Apply on a sponge two similar colors, here are used two shades of peachy pink nail polishes. Then pat on the colors from the sponge to the nails where you’ve stuck the tape stencils.

Then remove the tape pieces and finish the design with a top coat.

Enjoy your date with your perfect look!


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