Rock That Walk

Rock That Walk

Let’s talk about some truths:
We weren’t born with as much grace as we should have liked
We girls don’t just wake up one day and know how to walk in heels
And unfortunately we are not all models.

So in order to feel good about our walk in heels we have to practice it and know some tricks.

Heel to toe
When you wear flats how do you step – heel to toe or toe to heel? Yes, right – heel to toe. So it is the same thing with those stilettoes. Trying to step first on your toes will make you look amateur and also you will be hilarious.
Lean back
Well, try not to lean too much or you will fall flat. But a slight lean back will allow you to walk up faster while having a great balance. In order not to look strange you have to practice. It just takes a little bit of time to feel it.

Small steps
I know that in modern life we are always in a rush. But heels and enormous steps aren’t something that goes well together. Just make your steps a little bit shorter, and then then you are wearing flats. Kind of normal, but a little bit shorter is you for the win!

When you take steps just arch your foot. This will give it the needed pressure, so that you can’t trip and fall. Also that way your shoe will be fitting better – like a glove, which is very important when wearing heels.

Right fit
As we already mentioned, having the right fit shoes is the most important thing. If your shoes are squeezing your toes you won’t be able to walk in them for a long time and also this will get you off your balance game. And then imagine having shoes that are a size bigger than your feet. First of all when you look at it – it is ugly. And also your feet will go out the shoes all the time and that will surely make you fall. Finding the right fit is a tough job, but once you do, you will know the difference.

So have you seen those models stomping the runways at fashion week? Sure, you have! Well their trick for walking in high heels and looking stunning it to imagine that you are walking on a straight line. If you have a point in your mind, that will keep you on your game and you will look way more graceful, than you usually do!

Image : Fotolia

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