Retro Waves with Modern Touch

Retro Waves with Modern Touch

Everybody want to have the one thing that he don’t posses. The same thing happens when girls choose their hairstyles. If a girl is born with flat straight hair texture, she will dream about curly hair and the other way around – if the girl has curly hair, she will try to straighten it with different odd ways.

I can honestly say that I really want to have curly hair, but I pamper my self rarely, because the only way for the perfect curls is to use heat on the hair to shape it the way I want and the heat treatment are extremely damaging for the hair. And so, I use the curling iron only for special occasions and such a special occasion is coming soon for me, so I have to choose the perfect curly hairstyle. Let me show you what I found. If you like it, follow the steps with me. Check it out:

The oily roots are absolutely forbidden for this hairstyle, which means that you have to absorb them or wash the hair. Choose the method that is more convenient for you. I prefer the dry shampoo because it doesn’t take as much time as the shower. Just rub the magic powder in the roots of the hair and all of the oils will be gone after several minutes (if you keep rubbing/combing, of course).

Well, the roots are fine, let’s get to the next step – layer the hair.

Start the curling on the bottom layer and then move to the top, but apply thermal protector on every layer before you treat it with the heat.

Curl only the bottom half of the length.

When you curl the whole hair, use stylizing mousse to sleek the top of the head. Pin the bangs with a bobby pin.

Spritz the hair with a hair spray to lock the curls.

Done! Enjoy the look on your special occasion.

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