Protect Your Eyes With a Style. Spring/Summer 2015 Trends for Sunglasses

Protect Your Eyes With a Style. Spring/Summer 2015 Trends for Sunglasses

You can protect your eyes with a style. We all know that the fashion shows present us not only the clothing trends, but the trends for the entire appearance. Which includes shoes, bags, hairstyles, makeup designs, accessories, even nail arts.

But today I want to talk about accessories, and more specifically – sunglasses. There is a difference between the winter sunglasses and the Spring and Summer types. Here you will meet more colors, more extraordinary shapes and more brave designs of the frames and the glasses. Take a look:

  • Bright colors. Both the glasses and the frames will be colorful and bright, which means that you will need to match not only the colors of your nail to your outfit, but also your sunglasses. The colors will stand their ground this Summer, when it comes to sunglasses trends.

  • And as we talked about colors, I must define that the frames will be used as an accent this year. All black glasses will be matched with  popping colors like blue, red, yellow, green, pink and all. The patterns are in the game too – the classical animal print on your frames will be a safe haven to go for when you aim for chic style.

  • Another classic trend which will never become out-of-date is the white-colored frames, in all kinds of shapes. The elegance and the delicacy of the white-framed sunglasses brings a sense of French aristocracy and some kind of vintage look, which is absolutely trendy these years.

  • But enough with the colors, let’s talk a little bit about the shapes of the eyewear. We are talking here about the oversized shapes, because they will be a huge trend. And when you match the huge frames with Ombre glasses, you will experience a true celebrity look.

  • Retro is always up-to-date. The round, almost perfect circles of the frames are those retro glasses that make us look peaceful, extremely elegant and feminine, a look that will be trendy every single year.

  • A new bird in the town is the Oval shape of the sunglasses.

  • Not only the frames will be colorful, but the glasses themselves are not left behind.

  • The square frames will match your square nails. You know that you have to sync every details of your look with the other parts of it. So, when your nails are shaped into the square type, then put on your square glasses. They are trendy too.

  • Half-framed glasses. This is my favorite type of glasses and I’m glad it is trendy, so I will be up-to-date with my half-framed glasses.

  • The Ombre effect. The Ombre effect came to us two years ago with its full strength and since then, it hasn’t faded away even for a moment. So, I’m not surprised that this year the Ombre glasses will be a trend.

  • Your glitter nail tips will match perfectly your party, glitter frames.

  • Inspired by animal shapes and details. The butterfly wings and cat-eye shaped frames for sunglasses will be here to stay, trust me!

  • Aviator sunglasses. Classic and trendy for all times.

  • Extravagant and unique shapes. This type can’t be described.

Image: Fotolia

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