Perfect Nails For Your Christmas Days

Perfect Nails For Your Christmas Days

The holidays are our inspirations for makeup, clothes, hairstyles and nail art. They give us themes for every single part of your look. You can easily use them as a muse and try to arrange your own style for the holidays. Let’s talk about Christmas, because it is closer than any other holiday. How about decorating your nails with snowmen and snowflakes, or Christmas trees and candle lights, there are a lot of possibilities, it is up to you to choose the design you like, and the one you can draw or decorate. Today I’ll show you an idea for themed Christmas nails – the Happy Snowman. Take a look at the following pictures and just follow the easy steps:

Before applying a single product on your nails, you should choose the shape you want and arrange it with a nail file. The most appropriate nail shape for this nail art is the square one. File in a straight line and smooth the corners of the tips just a little bit in order to make them even.

Then you will need to gather some nail polishes and tools that will be needed for the nail decoration:

Base coat nail polish

Pale blue nail polish

White nail polish

Red nail polish

Brown nail polish

Black nail polish

Orange nail polish

Dotting tool (a bobby pin will work as well)

Top coat.

Let’s get started with the actual work.

Paint the nails with a primer coat. This step is needed in order to protect your nails from yellowing. It is also useful for the moment when you’ll remove the decoration, it will come out easily.

After that layer of primer is set and dry you can apply the basic color – the pale blue nail polish. Re-apply if the coverage is not good enough for you. Again – wait for the layers to dry out completely.

Now you’ll have to make the snowman. Draw two balls on the nails, the first one (start from the tip) should be the bigger one, make it oval, not a proper circle. Then draw the top ball, it should be smaller than the first one. Then use a thin brush or the dotting tool to dress the snowman – the buttons, the scarf, the hat and the nose and the eyes.

Wait until the decorations are all dry and secure and finish the whole nail art with a thick layer of top coat.



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