Perfect Hats for the Colder Months

Perfect Hats for the Colder Months

The weather is getting colder and with it, the layers of clothes, the thick fabrics and woolen accessories go out of the hidden corners of the drawers and closets and onto us! To be honest, we find something incredibly charming in the cold weather, even though we hate how the annoying wind messes up that perfect hairstyle we invested so much time in, or the humidity frizzes up out hair. Embracing lots of cool fall and winter accessories will keep you warm , add some extra flavor to your outfit and is also a symbol of a good fashion sense, since you really need to know trends and have style to pick the right ones, without it being too much. Let’s have a look at the types of hats you can choose this season!

  • Fur Hat: If you are not into real fur, you still have faux fur to turn to! Fur hats keep you really warm and add certain sophistication to the outfit. You can turn to classic black, icy white, natural beige or even a crazy weird color like blue or red if you are into experimenting. However, be careful if you have faux fur on your jacket, for instance, since it can be a little too much if you mix too many faux fur pieces. The elegance of the fur hat can be slightly toned down with a pair of biker boots or rough Timberland boots!
  • Knitted Hats: This is no surprise, but knits are a huge trend ONCE AGAIN! And how can they not be when they are the most practical and logical choice for the colder months. A woolen hat has so much diversity and is so cute, that you should not miss adding one to your collection.
  • Caps: Caps are not something that everyone can pull off. Still, we have a recommendation: mix a black cap with a military jacket or coat with buttons, and the stylish effect is guaranteed! If you are lucky enough to enjoy some sun, add a pair of aviator sunglasses and the outfit will be perfect!
  • Feodora Hat: This is an accessory that has become a huge hit in the last few fashion seasons. It does not look good on everyone, but if you can actually pull it off, do not hesitate. The mystery and elegance that it carries is amazing and the periphery protects your face and hair from the cold.
  • Trooper Hat or Ushanka Hat: This traditional Russian hat has become a great accessory for the coldest days. Whether it is furry or not, it brings lots of character to your look. Its historical meaning also shows a deep cultural understanding!

Image :  T.Tulik- Fotolia

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