Organize Your Closet

Organize Your Closet

You have heard that no matter how many clothes women have they have nothing to wear. And the funny part is that their closet is full of clothes. I am sure yours is too. Just admit it. When you open it sometimes even clothes start to fall. This is a trait women have and I dare say we never going to let it go. One of the reasons for this is that we keep in our closets not only our clothes but a lot of other stuff we cannot find place for. It is like the entrance to Narnia. So, if you do not want to get lost in it when you open the door, here are some tips you can follow.

Number 1 Try seasonality
Do not put all of your clothes in the closet. If it is winter, then put in it only the winter clothes. And with summer do the same thing. You can store the rest of the clothes somewhere else. This way they won’t get in your way. But just in case you travel to a place with different climate, keep some of the clothes around.

Number 2 Get a shoe rack
Shoes are probably one of the hardest thing to organize. Even if we are not like Carrie Bradshaw, we certainly need some space for our shoes. To the rescue come shoe racks. They won’t take that much space and you can see all of your shoes so that you can match them with today’s outfit.

Number 3 Separate pants from tops
The idea of everything hanging in the closet is very sweet. This keeps the crease clothing limited and they look neat and just after ironing. But, as we said, there is just not enough space for all of them. So just keep your pants in drawers and tops, skirts and dresses on hangers. You will be amazed how much this will help.

Number 4 Make spots for the different types of clothes, especially the small ones, like your underwear and socks.

When you do this you will find them faster and you can keep track of how many have left before you do the laundry. You can use baskets so that each type of clothes to have its space.

Number 5 Say “goodbye”
Sometimes no matter how hard you try to organize your closet, you simply cannot because there are just too many clothes there some of which you are never going to wear again. You do not want to trow them out because you either have some good memories or you hope they can fit you again when you lose some pounds. Forget about it, just trow the clothes you stopped wearing. Do not fool yourself you are going to wear them again. Just prepare for your “new me” and move along.

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