Key Footwear Trends for Spring 2015

Key Footwear Trends for Spring 2015

Have you heard that famous saying: “Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world.”? We believe that it is actually true! Lots of women have a natural affinity towards shoes and to be honest, we are not sure when and how it originated, but it is fact: shoes can be a girl’s best friend, together with diamonds. It does not matter if your obsession is with boots, high heels or sneakers: they can all be fabulous!

As spring is nearly here, you might want to revise your shoe collection and see what you will be putting away for the next few months and what trendy pairs are missing from your collection. Of course, you should accustom the must-have footwear list to your personal taste and style, but nevertheless, there are great things waiting in stores! Just have a look:’

  • For all the heel lovers, we have some good news: the key word this season is comfort! Petite girls have subscribed to the amazing benefits of wearing high-heeled shoes a long time ago. However, sometimes in the past they may have suffered from the lack of comfort and – let’s just say it – terrible pain of 4-5 inch thin heels. However, this spring the center of attention are super chunky and sturdy heels and lots of straps which provide you with more security while walking. You can go for classic black which goes with basically everything or maybe experiment a little bit with bright colors like blue, yellow, purple, etc. Metal elements are also a huge trend right now. As every year, wedges are definitely “in”, especially espadrille ones because of the 70s wave that has conquered the fashion world this year.
  • When it comes to lightweight flats, the gladiator sandals are the absolute winner. Some designs can be quite bold and go up to the knee. However, they are not quite flattering for short girls, so if you are not as tall as a model, you might want to stick to a pair that ends around your ankle. They are comfortable, simple, yet stylish, and go with basically everything from maxi dresses to jean shorts!
  • Let’s not forget that the sporty trend infiltrated blogs, fashion weeks and even our everyday lives, so we cannot miss the great pair of Classic Converse, Nike or Adidas styles are back, probably as a consequence from the 90s attack from fall. A special pair you need in your wardrobe because of its trendiness and versatility is the white sneakers: simple, clean, comfortable and they go with everything too!

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