Juicy Gradient Lips

Juicy Gradient Lips

Sometimes, when you wake up, your face is pale white and the lips are merging with the color of the skin. You don’t want to be the No Lips lady, do you? Beauty is to look great even when you are not wearing makeup. But that doesn’t mean that you are not beautiful when you have makeup on your face. You can combine the both things and that’s how you will achieve the perfect look.

First of all you have to start with a good quality preparation. I don’t mean a one time preparation, only before the application of the makeup, I mean a regular preparation, which will keep your skin clear and glowing with healthy color. There a few simple rules to achieve this flawless condition of your face, unless you have a bigger dermatological problem. So, you should keep this routine:

  • Every day wash your face with clean water and bio soap.
  • Every week exfoliate the skin;
  • Every month make a treatment against the blackheads.

If you follow strictly this routine, you will have no trouble with your skin. The pores will be clean, which will keep away the blackheads and the acne problems.

Once the skin of the face is great, you have to take care of the skin of the lips too.

You should also exfoliate the lips, but use another scrub for them. You can buy one from the beauty stores or you can prepare it at home. Mix some honey and sugar to make a thick paste and rub the lips with that paste. Then rinse and moisturize immediately.

Sometimes the flawless skin and lips are not enough to look great and you need a bright color to make your face look more alive, especially when you have a bad day of sickness or  you are just tired. That’s the time to make your lips look juicy and soft and to remove the ghost effect of the white skin. Check out what I mean:

  • Use a bright lipstick – red or orange.
  • Apply the color to the inner center of the lips with a lipstick brush. Then blend it out as you pull the color out to the perimeter of the lips.
  • Top the lips with a transparent lip balm.

Enjoy the effect!


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