How to Remove Calluses at Home?

How to Remove Calluses at Home?


Once your feet are covered with calluses, don’t you just have something in your mind about your shoes? It turns out that one of the main reasons you get those is that you just don’t know what the right shoes for you are! Once you try on a shoe it should fir you perfectly – like a glove. No pain anywhere. And it should be easy for you to put your feet in it and take it out then. So have in mind that. Don’t depend on the shoes just getting comfortable by you wearing them – no way! They will give you calluses before you know it.

Another thing many people do wrong – cutting calluses. But you shouldn’t. You will only injure yourself and not do anything good and beautifying for your feet. You should just soak your feet in warm water with some salts. This way the calluses will soften. Then apply some oil to the areas where you have those. These will them to heal.



Instead of buying expensive products to heal your feet, find them in your kitchen and apply them. Your feet don’t need as much as you think they do. It is all about the right vitamins and ingredients. Once you start treating them right, they will do the same for you.

Onion is a natural healer. Although it makes us cry. So chop some white onion and put in a bowl. Add up vinegar. During the night place the onion over the calluses. Secure it with a bandage or something like that. It might smell, but it will cure you. Repeat this as many nights you need, until the calluses are gone.

As in many other occasion lemon could be your savior here too. We usually use lemon juice for many face or hair masks. Here though we are using the peel of a lemon. So – cut a piece of the peel of the lemon – as big as you need to cover you callus or calluses (depending on your case). Place it over the area that needs healing and secure with a bandage. Then put on thick socks. As you can imagine it is best to do that before going to bed and take it off in the morning. Your callus should disappear after a couple of nights. So do it until the callus is gone.

Calluses can be cured/removed with some apple cider vinegar. Many people don’t believe that, but it has some healing powers nobody new about that. I didn’t believe it until I tried. Add a cup of apple cider vinegar to some hot soapy water in a basin. Put your feet in and leave them there for at least 15 minutes. If you want to soak better add warmer water in the half time. Once your calluses are soft use a pumice tool stone to scrub them off. Do this a couple days in a row until you get the results you want.

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