How To Read A Guy

How To Read A Guy

If you are wondering how to tell if a guy is into you, you have to search for these little features of his behavior when he is around you, looking at you and simply talking with you. Check out the things that reveal his attraction to you:

  •   He is constantly agreed with you, by default. Whatever you say, he thinks it’s the most clever thing in the world and he claims that he has the same opinion. But most probably he is thinking: “Gosh, she has the most perfect lip in the world, I want her kiss me here and there and all over”.

  • He is so interested in your story that the conversation becomes really personal and deep, and it’s all about you.  He asks you about your siblings, pets, favorite colors, and then the stuff that reveals you as a person – do you love your parents and sister, what kind of movies you watch, your favorite books, music, hobbies and so on. It’s like he is searching for an idea for present (which reminds me that he remembers your birthday immediately and mention the date from time to time). But that’s not the strangest part, the oddest thing is that you are revealing all your secrets and shares with him your doubts, fears and favorite things. Strange, huh? Maybe after all the sudden interest in you, there was a sparkle in you, which is ready to set a fire. Be careful if he is not your type or you are in a relationship right now. Sweet and caring boys are the most dangerous ones.

  •  He gets physical. Don’t worry, I don’t mean the creepy way, but in an innocent way, for instance, when he is sitting next to you, his leg is slightly touching yours and he is not moving it away, be sure that he knows that his leg is stuck to yours.

  • His eyes are following yours all the time. The eye contact is really strong trick for making someone to notice you, and the boys know that. Just make a small test. See when a beautiful girl is passing through, right next to your table, if his eyes doesn’t move to her direction, brace yourself for all the texts tonight.

  • All the compliments. But not the cheesy ones. He is complimenting the  color of your dress, or your hairstyle. Maybe he will say that your teeth are so white and straight, which means he likes you a lot, he is not a dentist.

  • His body leans to yours. The reason isn’t about his bad hearing, his body is just dragged to yours unintentionally, because he is enchanted by your beauty and mind.

  • He is over excited when pops out something in common between you two. There are a lot of people who likes Harry Potter, but he already organized a movie marathon with friends (because it will be strange if he invites you to watch movies all day, only the two of you).

So, far these are the signals I’ve thought of, but almost every time you can tell a boy is into you, they are not hiding at all.

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