How to Pick the Best Swimsuit for your Body Type
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How to Pick the Best Swimsuit for your Body Type

Imagine this: the sun is shining strongly, the light breeze is tickling you and messing up your wavy hair, the sound of the sea’s waves is calming every anxiety you might be having and the beach is not too busy. The ideal situation, right? Or maybe you prefer a luxurious hotel, a sun bed, a bar nearby and a swimming pool in front of you. Whatever your preferred choice for a summer vacation, the dress code remains the same: a trendy, sexy, but comfortable bathing suit. There is a great variety of choices on the market, depending on your taste, style and last but not least, your figure. However, all the opulence of choices can be confusing and you can easily get caught up in following trends without actually acknowledging what would suit you the best. Here we are going to give you some style tips on which bathing suit styles would fit different body characteristics that you might possess. Consider them next time you are out shopping for your summer vacation!

  • In case you have a boyish figure which is rather slim and lacks obvious curves, you can add some “texture” to your body by certain details on your bathing suit, like strategically placed ruffles, bows and padding. For example, ruffles in the bust area add an illusion of volume in the breast area, a bow on the back of your bottom part can make it more interesting, or embellishments around your hips can make them more attractive. Faking curves is a very hard task, but these details can make you look like an absolute seductive star!
  • Big bustlines can be attractive; however, they bring some problems with them as well. Being curvy in the top part of your body can sometimes make you actually want to make you your curves more subtle. The most important thing is to pick a bathing suit that will provide you with a good, stable support. Skinny straps and padding are not the best choice. Instead, go for thicker straps or halter styles. They will hold your breasts safely in place and you will comfortable while chilling on the beach or swimming.
  • Pear-shaped girls can also rock bathing suits with confidence. If your bottom part is more luscious, you maybe want to place the attention to the upper parts of your body. That’s why it is best to buy bottoms in one color and a brightly patterned top with it. The top part will draw the eyes and will minimize attention to the bottom. Once-piece swimming suits or tankinis can also be a good choice.
  • We all know how annoying it is to have a tummy. It is really hard to get rid of it with workouts and diets, and if you have not yet succeeded, you might want to go for the perfect choice of bathing suit. Ruched bathing suits are a great idea. Also, panels would be a good option if you want to draw attention away from your tummy area. Any swimsuit that shows off your fabulous legs or bring the attention to your beautiful shoulders can be a great option.
  • A short torso also has a remedy in the swimsuit style choices, and it is asymmetry! An asymmetrically designed bathing suit will add some length to your body. A once shoulder strap or halter tops are perfect for you. Simply avoid strapless suots and bikinis as they cut your torso optically and make it seem short.
  • On the other hand, long torso girls can go for bikinis and two piece suits. They create the illustion of a shorter torso, as we already mentioned. Stripes, two-toned suits, bright colors and V-necks are all perfect.
  • Last but not least, if you have a plus sized figure, you can rock anything you want! Bright colors will emphasize the best parts of your body, while darker colors hide any areas you are not very confident about.

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