How to Pack for a Summer Holiday: Weekend Getaway
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How to Pack for a Summer Holiday: Weekend Getaway

Summer usually means travelling around, going to the beach and wearing bikinis. Even though this is the season associated with relaxation and rest, there are also a few sources of anxiety for women everywhere. First of all, there is the fear of going around with less clothing or especially with bikinis. If you have been rather naughty and lazy throughout the year, you have probably not worked out or maintained a healthy eating regime, so you are slightly worried to take off your clothes next to the pool or at the beach. However, you should just relax: why be so nervous? You are on vacation! Simply start your exercise plan as soon as possible most importantly because it will make you healthier. Second of all, summer can be stressful with the whole vacation planning. If you are confused with all the destination planning, go to a travel agency and let them plan it for you. In case you have more time, go online and look for a nice destination, cheap accommodation and travel tips: there is so much information on the Internet. Last but not least, the holiday season can make us nervous when we start packing.

The art of preparing your luggage is extremely complicated. People think that there would be no problem if they leave it for the last minute. However, they end up in tons of stupid situations when they have forgotten something vital. They end up either spending money they could have saved or compromising their look, for example. That is why we are offering you a small guide explaining how to pack your bags smartly for a weekend getaway. If you leave for two or three days, you want to pack intelligently and not carry anything excessive, but not missing out on the basics. Here are our ideas:

  • When it comes to clothes, women tend to carry lots of items that they do not need when they go on holiday. Still, you actually need a lot less. First of all, check what the weather will be like. If there are any risks of colder weather, take a scarf, and a jacket or sweater. Then plan your outfits. Take your newest and favorite clothes, so that you are happy when wearing them! We advise you to take one option that is fancier and more elegant, and one more sporty. A pair of shorts, two or three tops, and a mini or maxi dress. In terms of shoes, you need a pair of sandals or ballerina flats, flip flops for the beach, and a pair of sneakers, just in case!
  • You need only one small handbag, one or two statement pieces of jewelry and that is it in terms of accessories! Do not forget the hat for the beach or the headband.
  • Your cosmetics bag can be a hard thing to pack. Be sure to have small containers, sold in drugstores, so that you do not bring a full-sized bottle of shampoo, shower gel or micellar water. In terms of skincare, you need a moisturizer and a makeup remover. Do not go into too much detail: face masks and scrubs will not be necessary for a two-day trip! The most important thing is to have an SPF product. Things like deodorant, toothpaste and shower gel can be shared, so if you are travelling with other girls, split the responsibilities: each one of you can choose to bring one of these products. That way you will save up on space!
  • A good idea is to keep a bag that is prepared beforehand with small packages of products for body, hair and face. That way you will be ready whenever someone calls you up and proposes a small trip!

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