How To Look Like Business Lady

How To Look Like Business Lady

There is a famous thought: “Dress for the work you want, not for the one you’ve got”. Well, this is easier to by said than done. Usually, if you are not working the job you want, you budget is quite small and the job you want requires a little bit of more than just a ‘small budget’. Besides that, if you put your heart and time on that, you will be able to find some tricks and hack, which will help you achieve the wanted look without emptying your saving account. If your dress better than you position needs, you will show that you are interested in career advancement. Here are some tips which will help you dress like a true business lady, without the need of a new loan. Take a look:

  • Start with the classic elements of a business lady’s closet. There are a few specific elements which you should consider when you try to improve your wardrobe. These are: neutral for the season pants, blazer and skirt. Go for classic black, dark blue, gray. These colors will allow you to put bright colored shirt or accessories.
  • An example for the perfect outfit: Nice pairs of black pants, combined with light beige shirt. But if you want to celebrate the casual Friday and you still want the elegant look, you can combine the same black pants with cashmere (of just fluffy sweater) pullover.
  • Consult with a tailor. Sewing clothes can become an essential part of your shopping experience. I recommend you to buy cheap clothes and give them tailored according to your body. Then they will look expensive. Things that the tailor can not change easily are the shoulders, collars and the area of our intimate parts of the pants, so when shopping, pay attention to these details to fit you. Leave the rest for the tailor.
  • Bet on amazing jewelry and accessories. Put on neutral clothes, but put the focus on the jewelries. There is no need to get too kitschy, only one pearl necklace will make the whole outfit stylish and it will look expensive.
  • Wear high heels. Wear them all the time. The high heels brings feeling of femininity and power. According to social researches, the tall woman is persistent, confident, rich, capable, successful, independent and intelligent. I hope you are convinced now that you must wear high heels.
  • Sleep well. This is a rule that every single person should follow. If you sleep enough you will be more concentrated in your work and you will look better. You will look like a responsible young woman, which can be reliable.
  • Always wear clothes that make you to feel more confident and beautiful. Every girl has that shirt or pair of high heels that make her feel like the queen of the world.
  • Define your style. Every choice of yours defines your personal style and these choices are important, no matter if we are talking about clothes or the place you buy your coffee, the way you travel.

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