How to Have a Way More Productive Weekend

How to Have a Way More Productive Weekend

Since the weekend is the time we have free, it should be the time we are more productive and free to whatever you couldn’t through the week. But the thing that tends to happen is awful – on Sunday evening you just get to realize that you have wasted  the whole weekend. And if this tends to happen a lot for you, then you have to change your process.

Here are a few ideas how.

Friday night is a party night. We all know that an enjoy the occasional couple of drinks. But are those drinks ruining our weekend of productivity? Probably! I get the fact, that at the end of the week you  probably just need those drinks. But having a weekend of hangover and staying in bed all day feeling awful, won’t help you with anything. And believe me the upcoming week won’t be better that way. Just set yourself a boundary – not more than 2 (at the most 3) drinks a night.

Another thing about partying and drinking – you can’t get up early. And there is just something very beautiful and calming about waking up very early on a Saturday. That way you could go to the local farmers market, buy some fresh things. Grab a coffee and check off everything you need off of your to-do list. So that by 11 or 12 o’clock you will be done with everything you have to do. Then you have a whole day ahead of you – a little different from waking up at 1 p.m. , right?

Since you have already done everything you thought was a ‘must’ now you can just call your friends and go outside. Spending time outside in the sun (or whatever the weather is) and breathing fresh real air will improve the quality of the life you live. It will instantly make you happier. You will soon notice the difference in your skin and the way you feel on a Monday morning.

Doing things that you don’t usually do and enjoying them is good for you. Things like playing tennis, riding a bike, walking in the park or something like that be done with friends is amazing. It is bound to be filled with laughter and laughter is good for you. Also try out new restaurants, that you don’t usually go to or cafes. Something different will make all the difference. The same thing applies to meeting new people. New people bring freshness and new emotions.

Trying to be creative should be a major part of your weekend. After for example, having an exciting Saturday out you could just enjoy a Sunday at home or somewhere inspiring. Also take time to relax a little. You know the weekend is for that. Just lay down, read a book or watch a movie. All those new episodes of your favorite show won’t watch themselves. That will just make you feel relaxed. And as for the creativity – well, what do you enjoy? You can browse on Pinterest and find some good DIY projects that are easy to do. Or if you are into photography go to a gallery or make a deal with yourself – every weekend learn something new and then go out and apply it. If you can play the guitar, well, just do that.

Nothing that strange and major, right? But small things like that make you appreciate life more. They improve the quality of life and the better you feel the better you look. Feeling happy is something people notice and it is something you can give people.

So starting this weekend, just try to change up a little bit your routine and see how you feel. IF better – stick with it!

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