How to Grow your Hair Very Long

How to Grow your Hair Very Long

Long hair is a coveted goal for many girls. However, it is a great struggle to grow it out and keep it healthy simultaneously. There are a few things that you might try in order to achieve beautiful, long locks. Still, you should remember that it will not grow overnight and you need to be persistent in your haircare routine. The typical pace of hair growth is about a quarter of an inch (or 0.6 cm) per month, but it still needs to be healthy and have a minimum of split ends. What can you do to enhance hair growth? Check the following tips:

  • Get regular trims: The truth is cutting your hair will not make it grow longer, of course. However, split ends can work their way up each strand and you will eventually have to chop a lot more of your hair. Do not wait too long to get a haircut: take about an eighth of an inch every ten weeks and you will be surprised at the much better appearance of your hair. Getting a trim after about six months will end up being an awful mistake: you will have to cut a few inches and it will not be a happy moment.
  • Use a good conditioner on a regular basis: Invest in a high-quality product which is as natural as possible. Even if you are using a sulfate-free shampoo (which tends to dry out your hair a lot less than regular ones), you need to provide your hair with some nutrients and extra moisture. Conditioner helps replace the lupids and proteins inside the hair shaft when your locks get thinner because of styling, coloring, and other procedures.
  • Go for natural oils and good masks: A weekly therapy with natural oil or a mask is definitely a good idea. A normal conditioner might sometimes not be enough to save your hair from damage. Whether you choose argan, coconut, jojoba, avocado, macadamia or even olive oil, you will soon see the effect. You can even mix a few of these. Apply the oils to the hair before shampooing it, heat it a little bit, so that the nutrients are absorbed by your strands, and wait for about an hour. Wash it afterwards. These oils will prevent breakage and make your hair healthier and softer since they fill it up with fatty acids. If you are not a fan of natural products (even though we believe they are the best!), you can go for a nourishing hair oil or mask from the drugstore or your salon.
  • Leave behind the cotton pillowcase: It is an interesting fact that sateen fabrics are a lot better for your hair since their softer surface do not cause friction the way that woven cotton will, so there will be less tangles and breakage.
  • Keep a healthy diet: Consuming foods that are high in protein is one of the effective ways to make your hair grow faster and longer. Whether you are a fan of salmon, eggs, Greek yogurt, or sweet potatoes, they are all something you should include on a regular basis (meaning at least one, not all together!)

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