How to Get Your Make up to Last Longer

How to Get Your Make up to Last Longer

If you are one of those ladies that have days that last at least 10 hours in the good occasions, then you know how hard it is to keep your make up and make it last the day. And for a busy woman it is important to remain a good look for long without having to make touch ups every 30 minutes.

The truth is that there is something you could do to elongate the time that your make up will be perfect – use the right products in a special order and don’t miss any steps. Though it might sound awful to think about the rules when you apply make up (many people think of it as art), probably it is worth giving it a go. It might be the thing that saves your day from a major make up ‘melt down’ crisis.

1. Start by moisturizing
Before you apply or do anything else to your face, it is important to moisturize your face. First of all doing that every day will make your skin beautiful on its own and also glowing in that beautiful healthy way. Also this will create a solid base for your make up. This is the only right preparation for foundation or anything else you put on your face, because if you skip this step your face might dry out and ruin everything for you.
So apply your moisturizer around 10 minutes before the make up, so it can absorb a little and then go on with Step #2.

2. Don’t forget the primer!
The moisturizer gives you a base, but a real primer, will be the perfect thing you could continue with. Many people just decide not to spend the extra cash on a primer, but it actually is that ‘+’ you need to perfect your look. The silicon based ones are the best for make up, that should stay on for a longer time. This will even out everything and most definitely help you in maintaining your look through the day. There are different types of primer for different skin (as every make up thing, lol), so just search for the right one for you.

2.1 Prime your eye lids
After you have learned about the face primer, let’s give the eye prime some attention. It is as important to apply primer to your lids as it is for your face as a whole. This assures for a great base and removes any oiling and things like that. This will also make the pigments of any eye make up to be there all day!

2.2 Prime the lips
You probably are already out of your mind with all of that prime, but don’t forget that it is here to help you. You probably are again wondering ‘What? Why? How?’. This step is as important as the previous two. Although you might think that the general face prime is enough, it isn’t. You actually don’t need that much of a special product. You can just use a color free lip balm. This will soften the lips, so that there are no cracks. Or you can just go get a translucent primer, that will set everything into place.

3. Set your make up
People often forget to that, no matter if they do the previous steps or not. But how to you expect something to last and not go away if you don’t ‘close the bottle’ (as people say). To achieve the perfect finish to your make up finish with a setting spray or a translucent powder. Both of those will do the same job (it depends on what you like – spray or powder) and they will both not change the color or anything of your make up. The translucent powder and setting spray work as a guard for your face – or in other words,  they protect your face and make up from the outer world.

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