How to Get Ready for a Hiking Trip
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How to Get Ready for a Hiking Trip

As the weather has begun to warm up, we should all try to embrace some nice outdoor activities. During the winter most of us do not feel like being quite active, even though there are some enthusiasts that regularly pay visits to the gym or the swimming pool, for instance. Nevertheless, if you are not the most excited sports addict, warm weather can provoke us to start moving a little more. Hiking is a great way to get your blood pumping and enjoy some time with friends or your significant other. Besides, it will expose you to some beautiful natural landscapes and would be a great experience as a whole! However, you need to have some things in mind if you are not quite experienced in hiking. Take a look at our tips and recommendations below:

  • Be careful when you are packing. You do not want to bring a long tons of heavy necessary items that will just ruin the great walks you are going to have. First of all, go for an ultralight back pack that will not make your back hurt. It is better to support the weight at the hips not at the shoulders because this method will avoid annoying back pains. Second of all, bring quick-drying performance-fabric base layer that will not get damaged easily. Cotton is not the best choice: take woolen long-sleeved shirts since it gets cold out there in the mountains. Besides, it can keep you warm even when you are wet. Speaking of wet, you cannot bring an umbrella, so you might want to have a raincoat just in case. Last, do not wear hiking boots: that can be a bit heavy. Trail sneakers of good quality can be the perfect footwear for a hiking trip.
  • Also, remember to share your plans. Tell someone where you are going and when you are coming back. We do not want to be pessimistic, but it is better to have someone who can send help if something has gone wrong.
  • Another thing you should know is that you need to be polite when you encounter other hikers on the trail. The person going downhill should let the ones going uphill pass first. Furthermore, do not pollute the environment: take all trash with you!
  • In order to be safe and secure, it is best to test your gear prior to your hiking trip, so that you avoid any unpleasant surprises. Things like batteries, fire sticks, clothes, shoes,etc. need to be in perfect shape.
  • Last but not least, plan carefully the food and water you are bringing. Remember: you are going “into the wild”, so you need to bring enough food and drinks to have you full and healthy. A pint of water every two hours and one and a half pounds of food per day per person are the median measurement. Things like protein bars, nuts and dry fruit are great snacks!

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