How to Eat Healthily Without Too Many Compromises

How to Eat Healthily Without Too Many Compromises

Our appetite during the colder months usually is stronger than during the summer. Keeping your figure lean and not going overboard with the foods we eat is hard sometimes. However, the steps toward a healthy diet and having better eating habits for a slim figure and a better health.

  • A good breakfast is the key to eating healthy. You need to plan it ahead, because if you decide on a meal in the morning, you might me tempted to have something that is not exactly the best option. The main rule is to add protein since it is more filling and add some fruit and vegetables to it. An omelette with eggs and spinach is a great idea. Greek yogurt and a chopped banana in porridge is also a very tasty choice.
  • Be careful what you drink! First of all, you obviously need to omit fizzy drinks and sodas from your routine since they contain too much sugar and can lead to awful things like cellulite. Focus on drinking water and tea as much as possible. You can create a nice drink by adding lemon or lime to sparkling water in order to replace the fizzy drinks. When it comes to hot drinks, you can add some cinnamon for a more diet effect. Cinnamon, together with lemon and green tea, help you to burn fat.
  • Not everyone is a huge fan of green vegetables, but the truth is you need to make them the center of your diet, if you want a nice figure. Broccoli has lots of nutrients in it and when you steam them, they can get even more beneficial. In order to make them more delicious, you can parfry them in the butter fиrst, and then steam them. Do not forget about spinach too! Spices, garlic and coconut oil are a few ways you can enhance its taste.
  • Alcohol is very high in calories, so you obviously need to cut down on it. Red wine promotes health and longevity, but that does not mean that you should drink a bottle every night. Take 48 hour breaks from alcohol once a week. After all, your liver suffers from alcohol drinking and you also do not need  the drink, at least in the beginning of the week.
  • Cheat days are an absolute must, of course. You can’t sustain a good diet without them! You need to be careful, of course. Do not go overboard with too much chocolate, chips and fast food in one day. Stick to one or two cheat meals during the week, but make them count. You need to remember that a piece of dark chocolate once a day is not a problem at all.


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