How to Deal with Sunburn

How to Deal with Sunburn

The sun is out and immediately everyone is a little bit more excited than usual. We know that sunshine can reveal every single flaw on our bodies or skin; however, we still love it when it appears. Yes, cellulite and pigmentation is more visible, hair removal becomes a struggle and an absolute must, while you are trying to make the most of the vitamin D source up in the sky. Nevertheless, we all know how dangerous all that beautiful sunshine can be. Doctors and cosmeticians are all warning us that we need to take preventive measures before going out in the sun during the summer. Even hairdressers are making us protect out hair! Products with SPF are absolutely compulsory, followed by unstoppable hydration (drinking water and applying moisturizer). Overall, there are lots of things to be done before you go sunbathing or even take a walk that would expose you to the sun during the summer. However, people still tend to become victims of UV rays and get sunburn. It can be painful or even itchy, slightly ugly due to the irritated skin and definitely not a healthy experience: if you get sunburned multiple times, that increases the long-lasting damaging effects to your skin and in a few decades you might regret not being careful! Once you have become a victim to sunburn, you can try the following remedies and strategies:

  • Try not to irritate your skin further by pressing it. If you have burned on your back, lie on your stomach. Sun has the tendency to make us feel exhausted after being exposed to it in a long period of time. You will feel the need to rest, so just do it. However, you can make yourself feel even better while lying down: wet a few pieces of cloth with cool water, wring them out and apply them to the affected areas. That can soothe the inflammation slightly and you will be doing two favors to your organism at once by both resting and taking care of your poor skin!
  • Aloe vera has been known for soothing skin quite efficiently. The same is the case with sunburn: it can take your problems away quite efficiently. We do not expect you to own an aloe vera plant, but if you do, just cut or snap a leaf off and rub the gel that comes from the inside on your sunburn. Otherwise, you can get an aloe vera cream or gel from the drugstore and apply it to your skin several times a day. We promise you that the discomfort will be gone soon!
  • We need to remind you that drinking tons of water is vital, especially during the summer. Sunburn can happen more easily in cases when your organism is dehydrated. You can actually get seriously nauseous if you are dehydrated in the sun! Besides, fluids will help you speed the healing process of your skin, so drink up! Hopefully, you know that alcohol, fizzy drinks or coffee will not work well.
  • Vegetables are great natural remedies for so many things, and fortunately, sunburn is one of them! if you slice up a cucumber or a potato and rub them gently on the irritated skin, you might feel some significant relief. Cool the pieces a little bit prior to using them for maximum effect.
  • The last idea we are giving you is a homemade remedy that has proven successful in the past: Greek yogurt! It is not only a delicious meal, but also a good idea if you want to relieve the inflammation on your skin. Slather some of the yogurt on the sunburned area and wait for fifteen to twenty minutes. Rinse it off afterwards. Repeat the procedure two to three times a day!

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