How To: Date Night Makeup

How To: Date Night Makeup

The date-night makeup is something that you should be careful with. You have to look natural, but you must hide some flaws too. Down below you will find an idea for the perfect date-night makeup design. Take a look:

  • As you can guess, you should start with a lid primer. You can use as a primer an oil-free concealer or tinted lid primer as well. The color is needed to even out the skin complexion. The lids should blend in with the color of the facial skin. Also, the primer will hold the makeup last longer, which is a needed effect when you are going out on a date. The primer is your shadow insurance.
  • Now, enhance the crease with a brown shadow. For the application of this shadow, you should use a blender brush, because it will spread the color nicely and precise.
  • Use a contour brush to create a deep effect of the eye by covering he outer corner with a black V shape.
  • Now you will have to apply shimmer on the blank space of the lid, but first let me give you a tip: to intensify sparkle and shimmer shadows even more, use glitter glue before the application. So, this step is all about the glitter glue – apply it on the bare space of the lid.
  • Now use a round, flat brush and apply bronze glitter over the blank space of the lid.
  • Apply black color and the shimmer on the bottom lid as well. Try to keep the bottom waterline nude for now.
  • Apply waterproof eyeliner to prevent any smudging. Apply this color along the waterline, tight line and outer third of top lash line and smudge it a little bit.
  • And now, finish the look with a coat of mascara.
  • Finish the makeup with nude-colored lips.
  • And don’t forget to fill in the brows as well!
  • Done!

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