How to Create a Unique Look for Your Wedding
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How to Create a Unique Look for Your Wedding

It is a common perception that women start fantasizing for their wedding day since they are little girls. The romantic idea of a special day when a woman can be the center of attention as a beautiful princess who has found the love of her life is widespread among the female gender. Of course, such generalizations are silly, as nowadays women range from professionally driven to housewives and have their different ideas of what is the most important thing in their life. However, whatever the priority of a woman is, there is one thing that almost all females (and males, as a matter of fact) have in common: they want to be unique. The desire to separate yourself from the herd and have your signature image is something completely normal for human beings. After all, who does not want to be a trend-setter or to leave a mark in people’s memories as creative and interesting? So what better day to celebrate not only your beautiful love, but also individuality, than your wedding day?

Some people can be very extreme in their attempts to be extravagant and can turn their backs on traditions as a whole. For example, the most radical thing a woman can do on her wedding is not to wear a white dress. The long white wedding dress is a key part of the traditional image of a bride. However, some women would go as far as to choose a short dress or even a different color than a light one. Still, if you still want to preserve the tradition, but want to be different at least with a small detail in your bridal outfit, you can accomplish it in many ways. Here are some ideas for inspiration: let your imagination go wild and remember to stay true to your personal style, so that you feel comfortable in the look you have chosen.

  • If you want to choose a cream or another nude color for your dress, you can always add some color through your choice of footwear! Creamy colors can go with every kind of shoes. Besides, in my opinion, white heels are not quite the best choice… So whether you go for red, blue, green, yellow, orange or purple, you can create an absolutely unique look by picking comfortable (so that they do not ruin your day!), yet brightly-colored shoes! They can be sandals or peep toes. Make sure you show them off at least a little bit!
  • Maybe the bohemian trend has inspired you and if you are a fan of hippie looks, you can go for a head piece such as a flower headband or crown. It can be multicolored or white. Nevertheless, flowers in your hair can be a great way to celebrate a wedding, especially if it is in spring: it can be thematic!
  • Jewelry is another way to spice up your wedding look. Most bridal jewelry is very gentle, yet it can get boring for some more extravagant women’s taste. Why don’t you go for bold, Greece-inspired gold jewelry? Or maybe punk chains for the rebels among you? Stack bracelets or put on some gigantic earrings to make your look really individualistic!
  • The dress itself can also help you set yourself apart from most brides. An open-back dress is not the most traditional choice, so if you like the back part of your party, you can go for that. Or, as we mentioned earlier in this article, you may go for a mini wedding dress: that will surprise most people!
  • Finally, you can play around with your make up. You can rock a bright red lip or a strong smoky eye.

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