How to Choose the Perfect Winter Coat

How to Choose the Perfect Winter Coat

The weather outside has been getting colder and colder until it has made us take out the woolen sweaters, the big scarves and the knitted hats out of the back areas of the closet and put them on. Being stylish when all you are thinking about is how to keep yourself warm while you are outside is a difficult task. Especially in the mornings, it is quite hard to be inspired when picking out your outfit, if you have been struggling to get out of the warm bed and you do not want to risk getting sick in order to look perfect.

When it comes to your winter wardrobe, there are ways to keep it cute and fashionable, while also being warm. Outerwear is a key element of the outfits for the colder months. Picking out the perfect coat is very important because it can make you look perfect and keep you warm at the same time. But how can you choose the piece that will make you look like a runway diva?

First of all, you need to consider a few things before you go out coat shopping. You should look for a good-quality material like wool, for instance. Natural materials are better than man-made ones at protecting you from the cold. Also, check if the jacket is water resistant since that will also enhance its warm-keeping abilities.

Next, make sure that the coat or jacket is not too short: you want to protect your waist too! This season very long coats are very trendy; however, petite girls might not enjoy such length too much. You can always go for an outerwear piece that finishes somewhere over the knees and it will still be perfect. Also, make sure that it fits: when you are trying it on, be sure to be wearing at least two layers of clothes, so that you do not purchase it too tight.

Another way to choose a stylish coat is to go for something in a brighter color, not in the traditional black or gray. This fall/winter fashion season burgundy, military green and pastel colors have been a huge hit, so why don’t you go for something in these colors, if you are sick and tired of black and gray? A cool beige color also looks great and suits all other colors as well. If you do not want to risk with a colorful coat, you can always wear an accessory (hat, scarf, gloves) in a brighter shade to add some freshness to your outfit.

A great way to make your silhouette look perfect when you are wearing a big coat is to add a belt to it, if it does not have one already. When you tighten it at the waist, it adds some shape to your body, instead of you looking like a giant, shapeless marshmallow.

Last but not least, do not be afraid to invest a little bit more in your winter coat. Usually, these pieces can be worn for many years. Besides, you will be wearing the coat every single day (probably) for at least a couple of months, so you need it to be good quality, and also to be sure that it will keep you warm. After all, protecting yourself from the cold during winter is a priority, isn’t it?


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