How to Care For Your Boots in Snowy Days

How to Care For Your Boots in Snowy Days

All the people who love boots cannot wait for winter to come so they can put them on. However, when snow falls down our boots may suffer some damages. So, if you want them to be as good as new even in snowy weather, here are some daily rules you should observe.

1. Clean your boots every night

One of the first things you should do when you come home is to clean your boots from the slush and dirt on them after all day walking outside. Do not forget to do it or think that if you wait till morning it will be OK.

First, clean your boots with a wet piece of cloth. Then dab the cloth into baking soda and rub until the stains disappear. After this, apply some leather protecting spay on them so that you prevent future damages. Never apply the spray before cleaning your boots first because you will spread the dirt on your boots and not clean them.

Also do not forget to zip up your boots before doing anything at all. This will prevent the zipper from breakage.

2. Keep your boots away from sunlight

You know that direct sunlight is not good for your skin. The same rule goes for your boots no matter whether they are made of leather or of leatherette. If your boots are directly exposed to sunlight, there is a pretty good chance the color fades. So keep them in a dry and cool place. This goes for the rest of your shoes.

3. Do not place your boots next to a heater

Even if your boots are wet because of the slush outside, do not put them next to a heater so that they can get dry. The heat from any kind of heating machine will damage the leather of your boots. In a while you will see that your boots begin to crackle. If you want to help them get dry quickly just swab up the water with a piece of cloth or paper.

4. Apply waterproof shoes cream

The way you need to protect your skin during winter you should also care for your boots so that you can prevent future damages. One way to do this is to apply waterproof shoes cream. Do this and your boots will look like as if you bought them yesterday.

5. Wash seams with soap

Do not forget that your boots have seams. These ones should be also taken care of. Wash them with soap. Just rub in some soap in the outside part of your boot using your finger.

6. Clean the stains of salt with lemon juice

You can erase the salt stains fast. Just squeeze a couple of lemon drops over a wet towel and clean stains until they disappear.

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