How to Adjust Your Lifestyle during the Colder Months

How to Adjust Your Lifestyle during the Colder Months

I do not know about you, but weather definitely affects my mood, energy levels and enthusiasm. In the northern hemisphere, the days are short and cold at the moment and the climate is definitely not making anyone really happy and excited about their daily routine. This chilly mood, however, can actually be coped with a few science-based tricks. Things like sleeping, eating and dressing habits can be tuned according to the current season, so that they are efficient in making you feel productive and fresh.

  • Clothes: Choosing your outfits for the winter months may seem as a lot different than the spring or summer ones, and that is mainly because your priority becomes being warm and feeling comfortable. During winter you focus on wearing jumpers, boots and big jackets or coats and forget about the more elegant pieces and often ignore things like style or trends. However, one great way to cheer yourself up during winter is to basically spice up your look. You can wear cool printed or leather leggings with tights underneath, so that you are simultaneously warm and stylish. Another option is to wear a nice flowy shirt with a furry vest or heavy cardigan over it. Add a pair of biker boots or a knee-high version and you will look great! Last, check that your outerwear piece is well-fitted: a more tailored one will look better. Rely on cool accessories to keep your warm and enhance your style: a tartan scarf or a wool hat or a feodora are all great ways to look amazing!
  • Sleep: During winter our sleep cycle might be somewhat disturbed by temperature and timing. When it is darker outside, our bodies produce less melatonin, so we feel more tired and less prone to work. Artificial lighting also can mess with melatonin since at night blue light, emitted by laptops and phones, can keep us up. Dim red lights are a much better idea. When you are going to bed, leave the laptop and your phone on the desk or just play some music in order to get to sleep. If you cannot possibly stay in bed without your laptop, download a program like Flux to turn down the blue. Also, keep the room in your temperature medium, not too hot or cold, so that your body can find that perfect dozing-off point. You should not wear too many clothes: you will end up sweating and not having a calm sleep. A heated blanket with a timer is a much better option
  • Food: The seasonal foods in winter are obviously a lot different than the ones from the warmer parts of the year. First of all, you need to incorporate root vegetables and squashes into your diet. For instance, beet root is a great vegetable with lots of nutrients! Also, do not forget about tuna, salmon, milk, eggs and cheese. All of these foods are somewhat sources of vitamin D which we get less off because there is not as much sunshine during winter. Breakfast will become very important during the winter months, so you can go for root vegetables or granola. A little dark chocolate can help your memory abilities. Last, remember to consume enough vitamin C, so that your organism is prepared to fight viruses! Freshly-squeezed juices from citrus fruits, peppers or kale are all great options.

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