How to Achieve More When Communicating with Others
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How to Achieve More When Communicating with Others

Communication is overly underestimated in our age of Internet, social media and text messages. We are connected in so many ways and can access such a vast amount of information that we often do not consider the quality of communication and if the outcomes are truly beneficial. Healthy relationships can make you feel a lot happier. Have you heard the saying: “Shared happiness is double happiness, shared sorrow is half sorrow”? Basically, what it means is that when you have someone to share your feelings with, it makes life a lot easier and satisfying.

Furthermore, quality communication can be quite beneficial for your career. Teams where the people are able to talk about their opinions , propose new ideas and discuss any shortcomings or drawbacks that they have noticed in the work process. Direct communication without fear can lead to quicker, better results for the company. Therefore, communication in the workplace is of critical importance.

There are tons of books and seminars created on these topics. People become professional lecturers who teach the others the secrets of quality communication. Excellent communication skills are a big asset and are vital to an individual’s success, not only in their career, but also their personal life.

You can begin improving your communication skills on your own, via few easy steps, without spending any money. Check out what our research online has shown and what you can do in order to become a better people’s person:

  • ­­­­Some solitary time can be extremely beneficial for your inner peace. Non-stop interactions with other people can be exhausting and in order for you to truly know yourself, you need to identify your personality thoroughly. The best way to do it is in silence and during some alone-time. Spend some time every single day, in the morning, during your lunch break or before going to bed, and assess your performance. Think about situations you have found yourself in and whether you could have reacted differently. Reminiscing on what you do and say is the most basic way on your way to improvement. Besides, these little time slots of thoughts in a private environment can be quite relaxing and can alleviate the stress we find ourselves in on a daily basis.
  • Expressing your thoughts in a clear way can lead to a lot of progress, more than you have expected. Of course, we do not advise you do speak without refining your thoughts first. Edit them in your mind as if you are writing an academic paper. Your thoughts are your personal journal that no one gets to see, but what you say becomes official. However, it is important to clearly express any problems you have, opinions, or ideas in order to feel satisfied with your work and relationships. If you do not state what you want, there is a very small chance of you getting it.
  • An individual approach is essential when you are communicating with different people on a daily basis. Every person has their own unique personality; thus, you cannot talk to everyone the same way. Not to mention that they have a different role: one can be your friend, another – your subordinate, and the third one – your boss. Refine your communication method according to the sense of humor of the person, the aim of your conversation and their character and social status.
  • Write more all the time – we often underestimate how helpful writing actually is. Keeping a personal journal, for instance, can help you clear your mind. When writing, you are less chaotic than when you are thinking. Even texting can help as you try to be more concise and express your thoughts in a clear, short manner. The more often you write prior to speaking, the more edited and beneficial your communication will be.
  • Educate yourself as much as possible and take advantage of information channels and more specifically, books. The more interesting and educated you are, the more you have to share. Also, do your research on communication literature. People who have studied and explored the art of communication can actually have a lot to say and help. The more you read, the more you will, sometimes even unintentionally, incorporate these lessons in your own life.

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