How NOT to Style Your Hair

How NOT to Style Your Hair

If you are not a professional hairdresser or a fashion expert, you might feel that nowadays everything is in style: from short bobs to long, wavy blonde waves! Are there any hairstyles that are old-fashioned at all? Can you look too retro, but in the bad sense of the word? How can you know if your look is actually “old news” and you should immediately go for a change of hairstyle? Well, we are here to help! Here is a list of some hairstyles that are not so “in” right now. However, there might be very rare cases when these looks can be pulled off: but you need to be super confident, have the perfect shape for one of these or just the hairstyle fits your personality so well that it has become your trademark!

  • Let’s start with the Rihanna hairstyle from a few years ago: yes, the one with the half-shaved head. It was bold, fierce and brave, and it became a pop culture symbol of how a little bit of punk can be incorporated in the appearance of an R’n’B singer. Probably millions of girls and women on a global scale copied the Barbados-born star’s look and became “fashionable”. The success of the hairstyle was definitely huge and for a year or two was considered great. However, it turned out it cannot remain in time and was nothing more than a passing trend.
  • When we are talking about hairstyles, left in the past, we cannot miss mentioning highly teased hair and extra-long, curly hair. This look definitely looks cheap and old-fashioned and reminds us of … Let’s just say that we cannot imagine Kate Moss, Olivia Palermo or Mary-Kate Olsen ever trying something like that (we all love these three fashion icons!). The big curls can look even worse when they are icy blond or fake black looking, frozen by hairspray and the “best” part is when you add a bit of grown-out roots. This just finishes the look in a horrible way!
  • Another thing to keep in mind is hair extensions. Lots of women worldwide use them. They are not completely old-fashioned; however, you need to keep in mind that quality is quite important here. If you go for cheap, plastic-looking extensions, you will never look stylish and elegant!
  • Different brightly-colored highlights and alternating locks of hair in green, blue, purple, etc. is actually kind of old-fashioned. Natural hair color is the best choice which does not necessarily mean your hair color. You can go from dark brown to something with a slightly red hue or from a sunny blonde to a warm, hazelnut color. However, the more natural you look the better. Nowadays, things like “no-makeup” makeup are very stylish!
  • Last but not least, you may want to leave behind the side-cut bangs. They were cute a few years ago, when Miley Cyrus and other teenage stars were pulling it off. Nevertheless, right now traditional bangs are the best choice: they are simple, elegant and are probably an eternal look!

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