High Half Updo Hairstyle

High Half Updo Hairstyle

Would you enjoy the look of a doll? Would you like this look to be yours? I’m sure that you will like it right after you see the final result. But first, let me show you the steps – one by one:

  1. First of all, you have to prepare the texture of the hair for the hairstyle. It has to be curly at the ends and clean at the roots. If the roots are not clean, you have to wash the hair, or the better option for you is to use dry shampoo, which will absorb the oiliness from the roots. This option is highly recommended, because it is better for the health of the hair and for the limited time you have to prepare yourself. You know that the constant shampoo wash of the hair is not good for its health, thickness and shine, that’s why the dry shampoo is the recommended option.
  2. So, we discussed the roots. Now let’s move to the next preparation step – the curly texture of the hair. You will have to curl only half of the hail. Use a curling iron and apply thermal protector and stylizing mousse before the iron touches the hair. Curl the whole hair strand by strand.
  3. Now, let’s shape the half updo. Place your fingers in front of your ears and meet them at the top of the crown. Tie that section into a neat ponytail.
  4. Then hide the hairstyle with a strand of hair from the tail.
  5. Pull out a little bit the bangs in order to make a small volume in front of the ponytail.
  6. Spritz the hair with a hair spray in order to secure the curls to last longer.
  7. Now you can see how easy it is to create beautiful looking hairstyle. And when your hairstyle is flattering your beautiful face everything will be fine. Enjoy!

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