Heatless Hairstyles for Healthier Hair
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Heatless Hairstyles for Healthier Hair

New season has arrived, so all of us should try and spice up our beauty routine at least a little bit. From brighter colors on our nails and in our closet, to a little less makeup and special skincare, habits should slightly alter as the temperatures go higher. We are strong supporters of the idea that healthy, beautiful hair can make you get away with a simple outfit and a lot less makeup, as it makes your overall appearance a lot better. It can be hard to take good care of your hair, but if you are consistent and careful, you will eventually enjoy the consequences of your efforts.

As you probably know, heat styling is very damaging to your hair. It can lose its gloss and moisture and can start breaking very easily. Sometimes you might be tempted to set your hair in order with a straightener or add some texture with a curling wand; however, you should limit your use of such “helpers”. Still, in case you really have to use these tools, do not forget a heat protecting product and/or good oil that will protect your hair, add shine and moisture to it. Conditioning it and doing hot oil treatments can also revive it

The good news for those of you that love to play around with their look is that there are a lot of great hairstyles you can do without applying any heat! You just need to read our proposals below and try them out. We are offering you a few alternatives, one for different days of the week, that will not let you be bored with your hair, but still keep it healthy in the mean time!

  • The Frizzy Crimpled Style: Achieving texture and volume does not require thirty minutes in front of the mirror while holding a blow dryer and some other crazy hot tool. You simply need to wash your hair about an hour before going to bed, let it dry naturally for half an hour and then braid it into tons of small, tight braids. When you wake up, you should undo them and style your hair slightly. Add a bit of serum to the ends to keep them soft and silky and enjoy the rest of your day!
  • The Surfer Girl Wavy Hair: Beach Waves became very popular last summer and they are still going strong in 2015. Lots of celebrities love the effortless look that was inspired by surfer girls who are usually quite chill and not vain at all. You do not need a curling iron to achieve shiny, voluminous waves! After you have shampooed and conditioned your hair as usual, let it dry on its own. When it is only slightly damp, go through it with a wide toothed comb to get rid of any tangles (but do not be too harsh!). If your hair is very straight and cannot keep a curl, add a little texturising spray or paste or any kind of product. Then twist your hair and tie it into a messy bun. Wait for it to dry completely and gently take off the hair tie. If you make more buns, the curls will be tighter.
  • The Retro Headband Updo: The key thing in this hairstyle is to choose a stylish headband that will add some glamour to your look. When your hair is still damp, section it carefully, apply a little styling product to make it smoother and easier to manage and wind each section. The vintage-inspired updo will also look great while you are waiting for your curls to form.
  • The Messy Side Ponytail: If your hair is easy to manage and listens to what you want from it, then you can play with it even when it is not freshly curled and styled. Rub some hair oil on your lengths and ends, while finger combing your hair. Then grab a part of the hair at your nape and use it to secure the rest into a low, loose and careless ponytail.

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