Hair Contouring According to Face Shape

Hair Contouring According to Face Shape

You know that you can’t make just any kind of hairstyle you like on someone else. There are two factors that you must consider, before you give your instructions and wishes to the hair stylist. And here they are:

  • The shape of your face;
  • The color of your skin.

When you analyze these factors, you will be able to choose the perfect haircut and hair color for you. The hair color is optional, only if you want to change the natural one. Let’s start with the face shapes and how to use them to choose a proper haircut:

  • Round Face. Layered haircut will flatter the round face. Grow your hair long and then make some uneven layers. But not only the long layered hair will look good with rounder faces –  try the bob hairstyle too. Basically, the round face can handle the most haircuts, so be brave and choose yours.
  • Oval Face. This shape is like an elongated round face. The bangs will flatter the face and make it look shorter. Also, you are allowed to center your part. And if you have an oval shaped face, you will be able to express your extravagant look with edgy short cut.
  • Square Face. The short bob that is longer at the front is one of the best haircuts for square shape of face, because the front layers touch the chin, which softer the square features. But if you want long hair, go for wavy layers. You just need some elements to soften the harsh lines of your face.
  • Heart Face. A shoulder length bob creates the needed balance, because of the pointy chin. You can side part your hair and make a long side bangs.

But you can really sculpt your face if you add some highlights and lowlights with colors. I’m not talking about changing hair color, I’m talking about contouring.  You contour your face and your lips, why don’t you contour your hair too, in order to sculpt the face you want. Here is how to do it according to the different face shapes:

  • Round Shape. This shape is well known with the strong bone structure of the face. And this strong structure can be softened with the following trick: paint light tones around the hairline from ear to ear and the dark shades must be applied underneath the ears and lower ends of the hair. The light tones at the hairline elongates the face, while the darker tones enhances the contrast between the hair and the skin complexion.
  • Oval Shape. If you have the oval face, you are a lucky girl, because you shouldn’t do anything with the colors, nor haircuts. Any style, color and design will suit your face.
  • Oblong Shape. This shape must be slimmed with the proper technique, which in out case is the contouring and highlighting technique. Apply darker tones to the roots, all over the part and start to highlight the hair from the ears to the ends. But just a little bit, don’t overdo the highlighting part.
  • Square Shape. This shape needs something to soften the strong and angled shapes of the jawline, the chin and the cheekbones. This can be made with light and dark, merging the colors around the face at the corners.
  •  Heart Shape. This shape has the specific, sexy pointy chin, that makes the girl look absolutely adorable. But your job is to create a balance, which means that you have to create rounder chin. The lighter tones must be placed around the jawline and ears to soften the lower half of the face.


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