Funny Technique For Gorgeous Decoration

Funny Technique For Gorgeous Decoration

The summer is coming and your job is to prepare for it with proper look and trendy designs. Today I want to show you a nail decoration that requires extraordinary technique to be created. Take a look:

Before the work with the nail polishes, you have to prepare the nails for the decoration.

Here are the steps:

  • Clean the nails from the old nail polish.

  • Soften the cuticles with an oil or petroleum jelly and push them back with a wooden stick. Also, rub the nails with the wooden stick in order to remove those cuticle leftovers.

  • Then exfoliate the hands with a proper hand scrub. Rub the nails and the skin around them too.

  • Then file the nails into a square shape. Make them all even. If the nails are too short, choose the oval shape and file the nails.

  • Then clean the nails with white apple vinegar. It will remove any type of oils and creams from the nails, which might cause  to cracked nail polish afterwards.

  • Then apply a base coat and let it dry.

The preparing procedure is ready. Now you have to proceed with the application of the nail art.

  1. Paint the nails into neutral color that will work as a background color. Here is used soft, pastel pink color. If it is not opaque, apply two layers. Wait for them to dry completely before you move to the next step.
  2. The technique that will make your nails pretty is messy and it will stain the skin around the nails with nail polish. So, I recommend you to protect the skin by sticking paper tape strips around the nails.
  3. Now you will need a straw. Cut the straw diagonally. Dip it into one bright color and blow over the nails. Then cut the end with the nail polish the same way and dip it into another color. Blow again.
  4. Once you are satisfied with the pattern, you can wait for the nail polish to dry out and lock it with a thick layer of top coat.
  5. Clean the areas around the nails if necessary.



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